EFT at The Center

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An Introductory Presentation of EFT

This EFT with a Guarantee workshop was taped at The Center in Palos Park, IL in January 2011.  If you have ever wanted to attend a class but have not been able to, this DVD is the perfect way to learn the basics of EFT from Tom in your home.

**NOTE: The audio can be hard to hear at times.  Please turn up the volume when viewing.**

Running time: 1hr 14min

*Physical DVDs available*

Hard copy DVDs are now available for purchase.  If you have benefited by the techniques taught in this video, we encourage you to share it with others.  Once purchased, you are free to make up to 25 copies to give away, not sell.

Video (physical DVD) $35.99

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Digital Download-$18.99

The purchase of this DVD, either physical or electronic, is a donation and is tax deductible to the extent where allowed by law.

For private sessions, on the phone, contact Tom at (708)955-3634 or email: eftwithtom@gmail.com.

For technical issues email: eftwithtom@gmail.com

If you wish to learn EFT and you do not have the ability to make any donation at this time, please email me: eftwithtom@gmail.com, and I will email you the digital version at no cost to you.

DISCLAIMER: The U.S. law does not permit us to diagnose or treat medical conditions.  Please understand that our comments are for educational purposes only.