*******  SUCCESS STORIES  *******
EFT Testimonials

Note: Underlining of certain words is to highlight a problem that was worked on.

On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 2:00 PM, Barbara Bxxxxxx wrote:
Hi, Tom!

I met you at the 2016 AMTA-IL convention/seminar, and took your course on EFT.
Thank you for that!


Barb B., LMT

Barb also wrote:
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Barbara B.
Date: Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 9:24 PM
Subject: Re: xxxxxxxxxxxx
To: Tom Masbaum

Thank you for your help, Tom!

I'm taking a beginning level Shiatsu course this spring, and things from your course are starting to make sense.
Thanks for the groundwork!



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From: Jo Ann 
Date: Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 1:07 PM
Subject: Re: EFT session

Thank you so.much, Tom. That was an awesome session.
I feel very positive.

Jo Ann


Thank you Tom. What also helped was your forcing me to think and remember a time when I felt good. It was so hard to do. I was too deep into how everything was ending. After the first positive incident I tried to remember another one. I did. After the third one I had positive thoughts coming to me without having to focus and try to remember. Thank you very much. What I focus on is what will increase positive or negative. --Jurate


I felt how powerful EFT was when I tried it with Tom Masbaum. But it was on the 5th time with Tom that I truly began to understand the life changing power of it. Now I have joy just thinking about using it instead of sorrow & pain.  Thank You Tom!
Sincerely,  Jeanne Krapauskas


Grief & Ankle Pain

Here is part of an email received in Nov., 2016 about releasing grief & a 10 plus year ankle pain. 

I did a 10 minute session with you at the US Psychotronics Conference.  My friend Mike had committed death by cop a few weeks beforehand and that is what we worked on with the EFT.  We also worked on my ankle that I have limped around on for over a decade.  To this date my pain has not returned.  This is why I want Melanie to see you.  She is in constant pain and it is difficult for her to live life.  She has to take pain killers daily. 


Another testimonial about EFT for PTSD and GRIEF.  Here is also another reason they call EFT a miracle process.

== New entry
-- Form: 'feedback'

1. Name  ----------->: 'Catherine'
2. Your EFT Experience ------>:
   'I have been an acupuncture/massage therapist for over thirty years and I am very familiar with the Chinese meridians and the points. I investigated EFT years ago and tried a few sessions with another EFT practitioner as well as working on my own and each time I became ill afterwards and did not sustain a positive effect. 

When I had my first session with Tom I experienced only clarity and inner peace.His voice and presence were so calming that I felt only loving angelic support leading me deeper and deeper into inner layers of myself I had been unable to reach and experience through my heart because of the continual trauma in my life.

In the first session we worked on an accident which happened in Mexico over forty years ago, a misfired rocket having hit me and exploded as it clung to my rubber parka. By reliving this experience under Tom's guidance I was able to connect with the death of my son which happened exactly thirty years later.

Although my son passed in July of 1999 I had been unable to deal with the grief and guilt and the sheer loss of my oldest child, however during the session we brought back the imagery and reproduced the event and I wept as if it had just happened, moving it into a more loving space so that I was finally able to deal with and release it.

Tom is one of the most powerful healers I have ever worked with and I am so grateful for our sessions together. I am still feeling the results as I go about my daily tasks with the feeling of being reborn.'


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Irina D

Date: Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 11:23 PM

Subject: The Workshop Review (From Russia with Love!)
To: EFTWithTom@gmail.com

Dear Tom, 

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all the wisdom, knowledge, and experience you shared with us during the workshop! I had an amazing time! Your course significantly deepened my knowledge and understanding of mind and body connection, EFT, kinesiology, and overall, energy psychology. Your teaching approach was touching because of your kindness and selflessness...

I greatly appreciate all your time investing in preparation of all the printed material you shared with the group!!! Lots to read and learn!

I felt enlightened releasing the emotional pain of the past... I felt empowered... 

It was such an honor to be granted a Certificate of Competency as a new EFT practitioner. 

You are truly a God-sent Person!

Thank you and blessings! 


PS. I am sincerely grateful for the commute to the workshop, Tom.



Our friend who was grieving one week after her sister died.  Tom helped using EFT and minutes later her grief disappeared.

It was a coincidence that we met up with Clara.  If we were 1 or 2 minutes late we would have missed seeing each other.
Clara started telling us that she hasn't been with our circle of friends lately because she had been helping take care of her father who had passed away a few months prior to our seeing each other.  Clara said she was feeling okay about her father's passing.  Then she mentioned that her sister passed away a week ago and tears came to her.  Tom helped her with EFT by tapping surrogately along with Clara.   She wished that  something were different about her sister's passing.  Minutes later, she felt better after tapping.  Clara told us she actually heard a message from her sister after tapping down her sorrow.  She mentioned that her deceased father and sister have visited her in spirit.


Clearer view/ understanding of EFT and an alternative way of looking/ using EFT  than YouTube videos.  Workshop was good at giving ideas on how to utilize and incorporate EFT in a professional setting.  I liked the muscle testing part too.


Increased knowledge of EFT background technique and increased my confidence in using EFT and talking to people about EFT.  It was easy to follow, open to question, and comments.  Good real example.


I have released old emotions.  Intend to work this into my yoga classes.  Intend to pass this forward to others who are open to this.

Wonderful information.

Much Thanks.


Dec. 11, 2014:

"Feelings of guilt and a release of negative feelings have been removed.  Tom appears to really care about what he is doing-great.  Will update him as soon as I hear from the doctors."


This entry was from after a 2 hour family session.  In a recent conversation with the mother, no more asthma attacks or use of steroids for her 7 year old son and the fear of cancer disappeared for her.

"My son's asthma has improved dramatically after the EFT session with Tom Masbaum, his doctor stopped some of the medications due to improvement.  As for myself, I'm dealing with some health issues and won't have testing done until April, so hoping and praying there is no cancer."



Workshop Feedback
My benefits of having attended this workshop:

-Clearer view/understanding of EFT & an alternative way of looking/using EFT than YouTube videos.  Workshop was good at giving ideas on how to utilize & incorporate EFT in a professional setting.  I liked the muscle testing part too.

-Increased knowledge of EFT, background technique and increased my confidence in using EFT and talking to people about EFT.  It was easy to follow, open to question and comments.  Good real example.

-I have released old emotions.  Intend to work this into my yoga classes.  Intend to pass this forward to others who are open to this.  Wonderful information. Much thanks.

-Deeper understanding of how to apply EFT in my personal life.

From SoderWorld Nov. 2014:

-I really enjoy the class.  Very interested [in] information, also released lot of painful emotions.  It is one of the best classes I have ever taken.

-I started out thinking this was only for me & now feel that I could actually use it to help others.

-Very Interesting to learn about, easy to follow along with.  I can see myself incorporating this into my daily routine and work practices.

-Great presentation. Thanks for sharing!

-Tom went above & beyond what I expected.  He's a really amazing teacher!

-I felt I was in the right place at the right time!  Love the class!

-I enjoyed this class and meeting the other students.  All of the information will be incorporated in my life and my massage practice.  Thank you!


Morton Grove, IL
October 21, 2014

Dear Tom Masbaum,

Again, I want to thank you for an exceptionally outstanding class.  I have enough information to keep me going until
Christmas.  The stories that you have given, as well as the various pointers and lessons were way beyond what I was
expecting.  I really got more than one would ever thought of.  I am giving these exercises a nice go, and it is also surprising what we forget!  But if you have follow up classes or one-on-one sessions in Chicago, I would like to attend.

Also, the whole conference was really way beyond what I was expecting.  As usual, it seems that everything happens at once, so that I was not able to attend to everything.  But the whole setup, classes, location, and atmosphere was really inspiring, as well as everything being very professional.  I must also give a great huge thanks to those who worked very hard for making [this all an ongoing] event.  I am looking forward to seeing more of these lectures and trainings next year, if not through the coming months.

But again, many thanks to you and everyone for everything.

Bob L.


Hi Linda and Tom,

Thank you for helping me through life.  I love you both dearly.

Thank you.


note: Here is an email from a fellow EFT practitioner who experienced EFT With A Guarantee.

I love EFT and I have felt major differences every time I have used it.  It makes a great impact to "knock out the blocks" with my Life coaching clients over the past 10 years.  I have been a coach for 30 years and having this tool has made a great impact on their continued success.  Old patterns and issues from the past simply dissolve so that we can get on with building great new visions and make them all become believable and achievable.  I continue to deepen my own releasing with private sessions with Tom Masbaum because as good as I am with my clients, I realize that no one can clear their deepest issues alone.  We will get distracted by the dog or feel hungry or see some dust on the table and decide to suddenly get inspired to dust.  Nope, it takes another person to hold the space for us as we continue to clear and release so that there is more room for JOY.  Thank you Tom for your devotion and dedication to helping people in any way you can.  You are a true EFT angel.



I wanted to thank you and Linda for all you do for people.  Your extra steps really make a difference.  I know you could make more money doing what you do, but I can tell you are more interested in helping people.  I will keep working and am determined to get this down.  On the way home I thought of another area that needs some changing,  I will work on it myself but I think I may need some help.

I would like to get good at this as I do not think we have anyone in this area that practices EFT.

Thanks again,

Sue C.


We had a short grief workshop for 3 participants.  Here are the feedback comments when asked:
Feelings/symptoms you have AFTER the session/workshop.  Are they gone/lessened?

Participant #1:
My grief feelings are gone.  This was well worth my time.  I will be back for the next session.

Participant #2:
Yes, this session was worth it.  My symptoms of sadness decreased, and I also gained more understanding about EFT and the underlying reasons I feel grief.

Participant #3:
Calmness.  I will need to practice these methods but I definitely feel better.


I saw Tom as the Victory of Light in Ohio.  He did a quick session for some moles on my legs.  These diminished very quickly!  Thanks Tom! -- T.G.


via Facebook:

"[T]hat was a great class I took at Soul Proprietor with Tom Masbaum <3"--Frani B.


Hi Tom, I don't know if you remember me, I'm sure you've helped countless people in your journey.

Yesterday I found myself in an all too familiar, very sad place.  So I started thinking back and wondering how I was able to get passed this in the past and it occurred to me that my moment of clarity was a phone conversation with you.  I thought I had tried everything and was truly ready to give up...and without dismissing how I thought I felt at the time, you gave me a quick and manageable method to step back, see myself in a different light, and better work through what I was going through.

So, I dug through my desk and found the binder I made of all the EFT info that I had compiled from taking your course and your website and started realizing how lucky I was that you were so willing to take time from your day to call me, simply to help a stranger through something that was probably, in hindsight, only that drastic in my head.

My message is just to say thank you.  For everything you did for me and for the amazing information and love you bring to so many people.  You are truly a gift I am so grateful for.

With Love and Gratitude,
Natalie S.



Evaluation for Tom

"Loved this class!  Thank you very much.  I look forward to attending another one.  Thank you for your time & guidance, it is greatly appreciated."

-Jeanne P.


Very informative & useful.  I can definitely use this info everyday.




So appreciated the deep work with EFT, and your intuitive healing gifts.
Blessings to you and Linda,



Hello Tom

I wanted to thank you for your help, patience and understanding!  You helped me clear a huge block from my life in a very short period of time.  I have had chronic lower back, and right hip pain as well as a case of endometriosis.  I can trace all the symptoms back to about 12 years ago when I got divorced and ended up with a pile of debt.  Even now typing those words I am really just blase about it.  That was not the case when I spoke with you.  I can safely say with a great deal of amusement that I was consumed by the anger, unfairness, and guilt and shame I felt about this situation I had experienced.  Your patience, guidance and laser like focus helped me clear it all up and also find forgiveness for everyone involved most importantly me!  You have such knowledge of the causes of pain and the confidence that it can be cleared in a short amount of time.  You are a miracle worker and I am so grateful and fortunate that I was able to work with you!  Thank you, keep doing the marvelous work you do, the world needs it!

-Kara N.



Thank you so much for the training you did at Howl at the Moon.  EFT has made such a difference in my life and those who I have shared it with.  The Tapping Summit was amazing and  I hope you got a chance to participate also.

Best Wishes,

Sherrie Fiducci and her son Robert Johnson


Here is a copy of a recent email:

"Happy belated birthday Tom! 
I just want to say thank you for your wonderful teachings and sharing the gift of EFT.  I attended one of your level 1 training sessions last summer and it has changed my life!  

My childhood wasn't the greatest so I just started picking a few negative events everyday and began tapping on them.  I feel like a big, black cloud that was lingering over my head just blew away.  I am finally at peace.  I also felt guilt over my father's passing several years ago.  I never let myself grieve properly.  I tapped on that experience as well and feel so much more at peace with his passing now.
I have shared the EFT teachings with several of others, and have been told it helps.  It feels good to be able to share the gift of EFT and bring peace to others!

Thanks again!"


Dec. 27, 2013

"Tom , you are one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met.  The giving of your time with your spiritual tools help me to learn the gift of self acceptance.  I always have a calm and lighter feeling after a session with you, Tom.  I feel hope and actual happiness.  I feel like I've been shedding some unwanted layers of negativity in only a couple of months.  I know there is a special reason for our meeting at this time in my life.  I am so grateful, but I know I have more work to do!  With your guidance, I know I can get there.  Tom you are a very loving, patient, and an overall an amazing man!  Thank you for helping me see my life in a new light.  It is definitely brighter!"  -Nancy


Thanks Tom, (and Linda),

I enjoyed your newsletter...glad we met you this summer.

I did have some achiness in my knees when I was given my free session.  Amazing, the pain went away, and hasn't reappeared.  How EFT works is still a mystery to me, but certainly worthwhile.  I will depend on you and your service as I need help in the future.



"This is the real deal!  In just one session I overcame an issue that had been bothering me my entire life!  Tom is the best!  Thank you so much!"  -Joyce O'Malley



Dear Tom,

This is Neusa I was in the seminar last Saturday. [T]his email is just to let you know how much it was amazing
for me learning EFT, the seminar was wonderful I learned a lot and I am so grateful to you. Thank you so much
I've been trying it for the last 2 years and finally now I believe I know better and will be able to work on my emotions.

Also thank you for your time and I am looking forward to see you next Saturday at SoderWorld.



Subj: Thank you You are beautiful!

Good Morning,

I just wanted to drop you a note saying how much I enjoyed our class yesterday!
I watched "What the Bleep" yesterday,
Very enlightening.

Love and Light,


[What are your feelings/ symptoms after the session /workshop?] Pain, a lot less


[What are your feelings/ symptoms after the session /workshop?] Yes, almost gone.

One of my offices, SoderWorld Healing Arts Center, had an open house day where I gave free mini EFT sessions. 
A client who had formerly had an EFT session with me sat down for a free mini session.  The next morning I
received this in her email: "I enjoyed sitting w you so much Tom.  You are amazing.  As usual you hit it right on the
head in moments."


Your entire program was fantastic-- life-changing!  -Henry B., Aug., 2013 after a 2hr EFT Intro class.


Tom and his EFT techniques are highly effective, and profound.
Tom is charming and disarming-having the ability to encourage his students to let their guard down.
I believe Tom to be much more knowledgable than he lets on!
Since the last class, I have gotten more in touch with myself, my triggers, and knowing that...I AM.

Blessings Tom, and Thank You for sharing, teaching, and giving of yourself.

Hi Tom,
Thank you for your support.  I feel so much better.
Via Facebook 5/7/13
I thoroughly enjoyed your EFT classes.  Your technique is very effective and easy to do!
Blessings & Thanks for doing what you do!
Frani B.
Via Facebook 4/6/13
May I just say that Tom Masbaum was great tonight?  Well he was!  Thanks so much for a wonderful, fun, healing
evening.  Can't wait for you to come back on Monday for Near Death, Out of Body, and Grief Release on Monday.
-Joan Z.

Comment following Joan's post
 "Joanie thanks for the invite.  Tom was fantastic, loved his presentation and help!"  -Linda M.
Via Facebook 3/21/13
Last fall I had an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT session with a local practitioner, Tom Masbaum, who has
conducted nearly 5,000 EFT sessions with clients.  At that time I raved about the results of that session, and today
I spent some time with Tom again to work on another issue.  Once again, the session was incredible, and I cannot
say enough about this man's skills in the EFT.  I found the emotional release to be very cathartic, and am very grateful
to Tom for his expertise.  Please note that he also does sessions via Skype and on the phone. 

-Jeff M.
Via LinkedIn
You can tell right away, even before he mentions his money back guarantee, that Tom is focused on his clients
getting the results they desire.  He genuinely cares about people, helps them to connect to their "emotional hooks"
and utlilizing simple painless tapping techniques facilitates phenomenal healing.  Don't suffer needlessly any longer.

Service Category: Complementary healing
Year first hired: 2011(hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

I have been struggling for many years with guilt, shame and a myriad of negative emotions which kept me a
prisoner of my own mind and not connected to anyone, even myself.  This progressed over the past 25 years
until I no longer velieved I was worthy and isolated myself from any type of authentic love.

After three sessions with Tom, and a handful on my own, I have myself back!!!  I am alive and can feel things
I haven't in so many years.  I can't thank him enough.  Tom gave me my life back!!  THANK YOU FOR THE

I recently met with Tom for a session of EFT for an ingrown toenail, which had been giving me pain for months
and shoulder pain.  I am on my feet at least 9 hours/ day for my job and I am happy to say I am now pain free!
I have experienced Tom's sessions before for different issues and I leave confident, knowing that my issues will
be resolved and they are.  Thank you Tom for your compassion and expertise.


I just want to thank you for helping me out.  I continue to be amazed at the benefits from having EFT sessions with you. I have gone from being depressed, suicidal, overwhelmed, and feeling sick to feeling better than I have in six years!  I am off all my medications: anti-depressants and bi-polar medications since April.

I recently had an episode for a week.  It started with being depressed and bounced into feeling manic and unstable.  I finally remembered that you taught me I could do this for myself.  I started doing what you taught me and that was the last day that I felt bad.

I can't thank you enough!

Cindy Carlson

Via Facebook:
For those interested in alternative healing, if you've not heard of the Emotional Freedom Technique, it's a healing modality that features the tapping of certain acupuncture points as a means of releasing negative emotions and often improving health conditions.  At the suggestion of my loveley wife, today, I met with a gentleman named Tom Masbaum, who is a very experienced EFT practitioner.  The meeting was very productive for me, and actually quite cathartic from an emotional point of view.  While Tom lives in the Chicago area, he does remote sessions via Skype with clients all over the world.  I found him to be a wonderful person with great skills in this area, and as such, I highly recommend his services.-- Jeff M.


We all know or are becoming more aware that there is a powerful, unstoppable force that willingly guides us to heal. My "success story" with EFT validates this truth.  No doubt  that it was no coincidence that Tom and I were both volunteering our own healing services at the holistic fair when I soon found myself recieving EFT from him.  Immediately, his caring energy centered me and had me engaged in the healing.  Long story short, I have a history of  epilepsy and I continue clearing blockages from this imbalance till this day.  My EFT experience was another beautiful experience of healing. This time it was about resolving a past life relationship with a loved one of whom I had judged for having the same mental illness.  EFT led us to a divine experience of forgiveness that healed our relationship and emitted healing vibrations that well, affected even you.  After all, my healing is your healing... Thanks Tom.
--Lacey Whittington- Holistic Therapist from Healthy Awakening


I would like to thank Tom for the help and guidance with removing emotional old stress and current with the teachings of EFT.  Tom has helped me immensely and I am so grateful to have made so much progress.  Tom is dedicated to helping others and has such a gift to help anyone who comes across his path.  Tom and EFT has changed my life and I am so blessed to have learned this fantastic technique.  I would also like to thank Linda, her and Tom are a great match in assisting others. --Cindy


Thank you, Tom. One session of EFT with you has done more for me than 16 years of the pain & time & expense in therapy. The grieving is over. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 
Joan S.


"Tom is a caring, compassionate person, who helped my wife in her fight against cancer. She is a cancer survivor now and has just had her latest check up and is cancer free." Bob G.

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. I also want to again thank you for all you have done for me. Thru EFT, I have eliminated some difficult and painful recurring memories.

I know they have had a physical effect on me but not anymore.

Again, have a great New Year and thank you for all you do.


Tue, Aug 30, 2011 Just wanted to say Thank You for our session last Saturday at the Garrett Wellness Center.
It was a little overwhelming to think a simple tapping technique could relieve some negative emotions I had been carrying around for a long time.   But I want to tell you that it worked.I drove home afterwards and did not feel anxiety about getting into an accident.

The rest of the day I felt a compete peace and relaxation that I had not felt in I don't know how long.The negative mental tape recordings stopped and I have felt better about myself.I want to have a second session with you but first I want to finish reading the EFT manual.   I definitely want to get more out of the EFT technique.  It is such a tremendous tool and I want to benefit from it completely. Again, thank you for our session.

Respectfully, Peter


Stomach Pains

From: Shawna
Date: Mon, May 16, 2011 at 9:10 PM Subject: Thank you To: eftwithtom@gmail.com  Hi Tom - I am writing to thank you for introducing me to EFT. I attended your class a few weeks ago and have seen some amazing changes since! Three years ago I started to experience severe stomach pains after eating many of my favorite foods. The pain was almost unbearable. After being diagnosed with IBS, I began taking pills to help control the symptoms. However, after a while I did not want to take pills in order to eat. Therefore, I decided to manage my diet and stay away from my favorite foods, especially tomatoes and all Italian cuisine. During your class, I learned techniques for working through some of the emotional burdens I was carrying around with me.Since doing so, I am happy to report that ALL of my IBS symptoms are gone!
I have been able to eat my favorite foods again without getting sick and it feels so wonderful to be free of the emotional pain that was holding me back. I cannot thank you enough for teaching me the power of letting go and forgiveness! Gratefully, Shawna


Jan Taylor " I have known Tom for a few years. He is a very hard-working, sincere man, trying to help others by sharing his EFT techniques with others. He is available most of the time to help his fellow man with any problems and will teach him techniques on how to free up his emotions. Tom is excellent in this field and I highly recommend him"


Note of Thanks:

Hi Tom,  Thanks again for speaking to our group.  You shared great information.  We enjoyed it. signed, Holistic Moms, Homer Glen, IL.


Fibromyalgia Support Group, 16 people, April, 2011

"Hello Tom, Thank you SOOOO much for your informative workshop on EFT. It was certainly well received and the attendees all enjoyed it very much. We'll try to figure out when to bring you back...."


And another one:

[This came from a former addict in a beautiful greeting card with dragons on the front.]

Dear Tom,  Thanks for helping me slay my emotional dragons (PTSD). Love ya Man, Anthony.

April, 2010

In a conversation 2 years later, I asked Anthony how bad was the stomach gas that he used to have before his EFT sessions and he said "Man, it was so bad I could clear out a shelter in 15 minutes."


  A Thank You note from Advocate Hospice in Downers Grove, IL:


A Thank You Email:

May 19 at South Suburban College         Tom, Thank you again for agreeing to come out and speak to our employees for a 2nd time...Additionally, please join us for lunch directly after your presentation.  Rochelle will be glad to escort you to lunch.  L.C.


Another Thank You:
Dear Tom and Linda---

Thank you so much for providing such an interesting program at The Center last Tuesday. I very much appreciate your sharing your expertise and passion for EFT with our fellowship.  Love,   Lois

Lois Lauer     Program Director at The Center (www.thecenterpalos.org)
12700 Southwest Highway, Palos Park, IL 60464 PHONE:708-361-3650


From: C. L.
Wed, Aug 3, 2011
To: TOM MASBAUM <eftwithtom@gmail.com>
Dear Tom,

After you worked with my mother, my husband and I looked in her eyes, and there was so much more clarity and brightness, we could immediately see more of her spirit and soul shining through, parts of her true spirit are shining that had been locked down for so long -- she is able to be much more emotionally open and warm after decades holding everything inside. We feel her having released and let go, she is so much more present and in the moment now, thank you for giving me my mother back! Blessings to you and the amazing work you do.

C. L.


From a Feedback Form:

1. Name: J.
2. Your EFT Experience:

Dear Tom,
I saw you over a week ago in an all day EFT workshop.  I came to listen and hopefully get some help.  I left with my left knee no longer hurting. The over 3 year ache had stopped my knee from bending more than necessary for climbing stairs and at times even that was painful.  After one EFT session - minutes, the pain disappeared, I could bend my knee totally, and to this day I still am amazed and very very thankful.  You helped me focus on the possible event and its accompanying emotions that caused the physical result. How connected we are! This is like God-Universe magic! and unbelievable unless it happens to you!  Thank you Tom for bringing this to me.


Presenter: Tom Masbaum -    Title: EFT & Hypnosis: A Miraculous Combination

The best things were:
Very informative
Tom’s knowledge
Have him back next year
Excellent information
Explanation of EFT
Gained more insight; expanded my knowledge of EFT
Lynda helped him; handouts; he knows his material
Tom’s very nice and very informative! Great demos
Examples were great
Interested me in the causes and beginnings; good energy with Tom
Interesting, but I’m not convinced

To make it better I would suggest:
He just needs more time, wonderful information being presented.


Thank You from The Mid America Hypnosis Conference


An EFT Story Regarding Digestive Problems:

After the Arvada, Colorado workshop in 2005, a woman came for a private EFT session. She had been out of the convent for 17 years and was in therapy for all of those 17 years; weekly or monthly according to her budget. She did not tell me the details about her most painful memory, but it did involve her father. I chose to guide her to this memory because she said she had digestive problems that required antacids for most of her life. She was amazed that I would suggest that direction and commented that the issue for the 17 years in therapy was related to memories of her father. After using EFT for only one memory, and surprisingly to me also only one event in the memory, she could actually feel freedom from the pain, both emotionally and physically. She said “This one time with you, and what you call EFT, has done more for me than all the time and money I have spent on this issue during 17 years in therapy. God bless you and your work.”


An EFT Story Regarding Colon Problems:


"Subj: EFT
Date: 1/3/2008 5:08:27 P.M. Central Standard Time
From: Karen
To: TommyATW@AOL.com

Hi Tom, sorry this is so late. I told you I’d write you a letter regarding the EFT session you did on me at St. Francis Woods. I also want to thank you for the interesting workshop at “Angels Among Us” on Dec, 12th. I hope you remember me. I was with a group of friends at St. Francis and one of my friends signed up for your EFT. Well at the last minute she decided not to do it so I took her place. That was the best $10.00 I ever spent. I have had ulcerative colitis for about 20 years off and on. I was told by doctors that I’d have to be on drugs for the rest of my life. Well, dear Tom, in less than two minutes with you doing EFT on me, my life has changed. I have not had one day with any problems. I did throw the drugs away and will never take them again. You have opened up a whole new world for me. I am now studying EFT and hope to help others as you have helped me. Thank you so very much.

Sincerely,     Karen"

Follow-up email from Karen dated January 9, 2007 

"Hi Tom, just thought I’d let you know I’m still doing fine. You did EFT on me a year and a half ago for ulcerative colitis. It took minutes. You had me focus on someone, and when I released what I was apparently holding on to for twenty some years my colitis was gone. I thought you were a kook at first. I really didn’t believe this could possibly work. The doctors told me I would be on medication the rest of my life - 8 huge pills a day of Asacol which is a steroid. After leaving you, I went home and threw the pills in the garbage and have been fine ever since. I suffered for years and you cured me in minutes! Wow, I’m forever grateful. Just thought you’d like to know how I was doing. Thank you so much, Karen"

(For colon problems I always have the client focus on painful memories relating to a Father or Father figure; usually an authority figure. Karen's father is rather elderly and a great guy, yet she had one very painful memory relating to him. She focused very well during the few minutes of using EFT and the pain subsided immediately. It always does.)


A letter about a colon problem and stuttering, published on the main EFT web site:

By Gary Craig:

Hi Everyone,

Big thanks to Tom Masbaum for sharing the details of this remarkable 2-for-1 EFT result. Note how both the stuttering and the colon problem simply vanished (even though 3 doctors insisted that colon surgery was required).

Hugs, Gary

By Tom Masbaum, BS, EFT-ADV:

Here is another EFT success story involving stuttering, a severe colon problem and public speaking.

Jane Masteller, a Speech Pathologist working in the Chicago school system attended one of my Introduction to EFT workshops. Jane and I discussed using EFT for the children in her care who stuttered. We exchanged a few emails and phone calls and Jane arranged for a meeting with a counselor at one her schools.

Robin (not her real name), the school counselor who is in her fifties had stuttered all of her life. She told us how during her many years rising to her position in the school system, she would hold back from participating in discussions or debates with her peers for fear of being embarrassed with her stuttering.

After our EFT session with Robin, Jane put her thoughts in writing for us to use.  Here is Jane’s email to me.  I will comment again after the email.

“I am a speech-language pathologist working in the Chicago Public School system. EFT was administered to a co-worker of mine to address her stuttering as well as help to improve her health, particularly her colon. Following the EFT technique, she has reported that she is not stuttering anymore and she is not avoiding talking. People that stutter often report avoiding situations or avoiding certain words due to fear of stuttering.  Since using EFT she has reported she does not feel the need to avoid or escape speaking situations.

Before EFT was administered, she was concerned that she was going to have to endure surgery for her colon based on her doctor's recommendation. Post EFT, her doctor reported that it is not necessary to perform surgery, as she is improving now.

I have personally used EFT as a relaxation technique, to lessen or eliminate common ailments (headaches, muscle soreness), and to release painful memories. I have found it easy and efficient, and I teach it to as many people as possible. I have been using it with some of my students during speech-language treatment, and they have reported that they feel more relaxed and happy post EFT administration.

I would highly recommend for people to learn EFT, particularly professionals working in a therapeutic atmosphere.”

Jane Masteller, MA SLP CFY”

This is me again, Gary. When we first arrived at the school, Robin started to tell us how she had just switched doctors because her previous 3 doctors were insistent upon her having an operation to remove a large section of her colon. In three separate x-rays, they pointed out 15 to 18 inches of her colon that HAD TO COME OUT.

When she said this, Jane and I looked at each other as we knew where some of the tapping was going to be headed. Jane remembered my statements in the workshops relating to colon problems. I had stated that in my 30 plus years of moderating discussion groups and leading workshops, I had innumerable times heard a connection with colon problems and the person having a strong emotional memory or problem relating to their Father or Father Figure. In the past, all I could do was blandly suggest that they “clean it up” in their mind with their father. With EFT, I can offer them a pure blessing.

In taking Robin through the basic recipe (and Jane & I Borrowing Benefits by being surrogates and tapping for Robin), Robin’s first painful memory came down from an intensity level of 8 out of 10, to a 4, and stayed there awhile. Without telling us what that one was, she started to relate a memory about her Dad which brought on a great sadness, even to the point of tears for Robin.

We all tapped before she went any further, and after she brought those memories about her Dad down to a zero, Robin related some of the sad memories, but without the negative emotion.  For a few of the Dad-related memories that stayed stuck, we used the Collarbone Breathing Technique, but for the most part, we stayed with the Basic Recipe, as I wanted Robin to really remember the routine for her use after we left.

She also told us that the first memory she worked on also went down from that resistant 4 to a zero out of 10, so we went on to the stuttering.  After about 30 minutes more, I used my cell phone to call her office number, about 10 feet away from us.  Robin didn’t notice that I was calling her, as I just excused myself to make a quick call.

Robin got up and answered the phone with "Hello, this is Miss -----".  She said that was the first time in 50-some years that she could say "hello" as the first word when she answered the phone.  Since then I have heard her answer the phone a number of times like that without a stutter.

In a conversation with Robin about six weeks after our meeting, she said she is very excited that she just doesn’t stutter anymore.  When I asked her what her husband, a university professor, said about her not stuttering, she laughed and said “Men!  He hasn’t noticed it yet.”  I told her that he will probably one day notice that something is different and ask her if she changed her glasses or her hairstyle.

When I asked her about her colon problem, she said, “It’s much, much better.  Actually, Tom, it’s gone.”

Nine months later, Robin asked for another session of EFT as she had to speak in front of 500 incoming freshman students AND their parents, and she was nervous about it.  Later on, she reported back that her presentation was “flawless”, thanks to the EFT.


As to her colon, Robin said, “I have a surprise for you, Tom.  You have been calling me every month asking me to go back to my doctor about my colon.  Well, I did and they took x-rays and told me to come back again in 6 months to check again.  They couldn’t believe that they could not find anything.  As I’ve been telling you Tom, the problem is gone.”


Love and Light.

Tom Masbaum


Son's Spinal Disease Goes Away; May, 2009:

"Hi Tom,

Just wanted to let you know how my son, Tom, is doing. He was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease of the thoracic spine about 18 months ago. An MRI confirmed the findings. He was seen by orthopedic physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, osteopathic physicians and medical sports doctors. He was told that his spine would eventually fuse together and cause immobility. The physicians informed him that not much could be done except for pain medication and physical therapy. My son is only 19 years old. He was very active in many sports and now was told that he wouldn’t be able to participate in sports any longer. Actually he was in too much pain to be physically active. Even a car ride on a not-so smooth road would cause him excruciating pain.

I was at a health food store and came across an issue of The Monthly Aspectarian, which had an article on EFT. I wanted to find out more information on it with the intent of learning distant healing for my son. My son goes to college in Wisconsin and I live in Orland Park, Ilinois.


There was an EFT demonstration the following day at our local community college. You taught the class the basics of EFT and I was amazed at how it softened painful memories. You also demonstrated muscle testing. Was it possible that EFT could help my son’s painful back?

My son was going to be in town the following week so we set up an appointment for us to meet you at SoderWorld in Hinsdale, IL. The session lasted about an hour. The EFT session completely eliminated my son’s pain. That was several months ago and he continues to be pain free. He was able to throw away his pain medications.

About a week or so after becoming pain free, he broke his thumb at a sports event. The orthopedic surgeon said that the ligament was completely torn and recommended surgery. This would be major surgery requiring general anesthetic and about six months of physical therapy afterwards. The surgeon wouldn’t know the extent of the injury until he opened my son up. Since this was my son’s right thumb and if the thumb didn’t heal properly, he would have difficulty grasping objects for the rest of his life. The surgeon said he would have to know by the next day if my son decided on surgery.

I was torn whether to have my son go through surgery because of the risk of complications. We had to make a decision soon. Well, I called you up and asked about muscle testing my son. We muscle tested over the phone. It showed that my son didn’t need surgery. My gut feeling also confirmed this.


It’s been almost two months. My son’s cast is off and he has complete mobility of his thumb. His thumb is absolutely fine (along with his spine).  He just came back from surfing in South Carolina yesterday – a little sunburned but otherwise doing great and all smiles.

I can’t thank you enough for eliminating my son’s chronic back pain and helping prevent unnecessary surgery on his thumb. He’s back to being an active, happy, college student. Carol P."

(This teenager had the pain in his back at the spot between the wing bones, where someone would be "stabbed in the back".  A number of my EFT clients have had the pain relieved in that spot by focusing on the feeling of being betrayed by someone, prior to the onset of the pain.  In this case he happened to have been betrayed by a long time girlfriend just weeks before the pain started.  Bingo!  We used the basic EFT routine on those memories along with our 4 additional tests for complete success in an EFT session.)


Story About Total Relief From Asthma:

Carole had severe asthma and attended a workshop in March.  We asked her to go back to childhood and see if she could find a memory where she felt smothered.  She used the EFT procedure while focusing on a childhood memory were she was not smothered, but she felt smothered while watching a sibling being smothered as a punishment. Her asthma symptoms eased dramatically during the tapping session.  Here are her 2 emails about her EFT experience.

"From: carole

To: TommyATW@aol.com
Sent: APRIL, /2009 10:48:22 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Still breathing healthy


I am a believer.  One week ago I was at the Dean Urgent Care Center in Madison because I was coughing a deep bronchial cough and could not stop wheezing.  The diagnosis was Asthma with Exacerbation.  I missed 3 days of work last week because of it and was never far away from my Albuterol inhaler, and spent every night listening to the strange sounds coming from my chest.  I almost didn't come to the EFT workshop yesterday, but I am so glad that I did!  While you were working on me I had a big "Aha!" moment that I chose not to share at the time because it was just too personal.  While you were working on me I had a "movie" running in my head that took me back to when I was six-years-old.  My Mother had to go to the Hospital for a surgical procedure and my paternal grandmother came to take care of me and my 2 sisters and little brother.  My Grandma was very stern and yesterday at the workshop I saw myself standing in my family's old living room, watching her take the bedsheets that my sister Janice had wet the night before (she was a bed-wetter well into her teens).  Grandma was rubbing her face in them and then she put Janice on the living room couch and sat on her face.  I saw myself standing there, just watching helplessly and not doing anything to stop her.  Guilt?

My sister Janice died instantly in a tragic head-on crash 3 years ago.  It was within a few months after that that I had a bought of pneumonia and have had asthma ever since then. 

On my way home from the workshop, I coughed a little bit in the car.  When I got home, I realized I was not longer wheezing.  I had no wheezing last night and none so far today, and the cough has all but disappeared.  My inhaler has stayed in my purse since the workshop yesterday. 

I have an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow that I had made in order to get a referral to a pulmonary specialist.  I'm thinking of cancelling it, but afraid he won't believe me if I explain to him why.  I may just go in so he can listen to my breathing for himself...


Good breathing is so wonderful!


God bless you Tom!

 Carole F."


(Carole did keep the follow up appointment.  The doctor could not hear anything in her lungs and just told her to come back in if the symptoms return. Next is her email a month later.)


"From: carole

To: TommyATW@aol.com
Sent: 5/24/2009 10:48:22 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Still breathing healthy




I'm still breathing healthfully with no wheezing.  It is wonderful to be able to climb stairs and go for long walks with my husband without worrying about not being able to take in lovely deep breaths of air.  My inhaler has stayed in my purse ever since our EFT session two months ago.


Yesterday we drove up to Door County for a day-trip and the cherry blossoms were so beautiful!  I walked up and down the rows of trees smelling their sweet blossoms.  It was as I imagine Heaven would be.

Good breathing is so wonderful!


God bless you Tom!"

(God bless you, Carole!  and thank you for sending us the email about your EFT experience.)


"Hello Tom,

It was a pleasure to meet you and you also helped me with my back. I was amazed that by going back 35 years, I was able to connect to the source of the pain by asking the right question. Thank you.

Sincerely and gratefully,
C. B."

(During a break in a workshop, this client asked about EFT & back pain. After telling her about my disclaimers, I also informed her that I guarantee success or there is no charge for the session. I jokingly told her that even if we did a quick, 4 minute, free EFT session during the break I would give her that same guarantee.  The pain was in the very lower back, so I took her back to a money/bill payment issue prior to the onset of the pain. She focused very well and within minutes of EFT tapping the pain was gone.)


A Linkd'in recommendation from a Breast Cancer Survivor & EFT. 

Dawn N, a FORMER breast cancer victim posted this recommendation on my Linkd'in account. "Tom has great empathy and understanding of and for his clients. His gentle nature comes through as he uses his skill to hone in on the core problem. Tom his own unique system for quickly eliminating pain and distress."

In her last sentence,Dawn is referring to our method in which we can assure a client of success, enough that we can guarantee success or there is no charge for the session.


Knee Pain:

"From: <chris   Date: Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 10:25 AM         Subject: EFT update

To: Tom Masbaum <EFTWithTom@gmail.com>     Good day Dear Tom and Linda,    I just wanted to give you an update on my left knee..........it's awesome!!    I seem to have a little more energy over all too  : - )   Peace and Joy,

Chris K   Mary Kay Skin Care Consultant
Check out my web site!!

(Chris had a very painful left knee for a few years, it happened to have started shortly after delaying making a decision about a situation relating to a female. For the right knee I would have had her look for that painful decision relating to a male.  She found the emotional memory and we did EFT.  Marvelous.)


Awareness and Relaxation:

From: Patricia B         Date: Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 8:54 PM     Subject: Thank you again...To: eftwithtom@gmail.com

"Dear Tom,      You were so patient & kind when trying to help me on the phone yesterday. I truly appreciate your kindness. I felt your caring attitude..... and your total acceptance of me, a perfect stranger. I reached a sense of heightened awareness & relaxation as you guided me through the EFT techniques. Today, …… I have more hope & new tools to continue with...thanks to you.    Many blessings,     Pat"

"From: Jacqueline A.
Date: Sat, May 30, 2009 at 9:58 AM
Subject: EFT session 5/24
To: EFTWithTom@gmail.com

Tom & Linda,

Thank you once again for the excellent session on EFT held at the Angel Store.  You both did a superb job, you compliment each other nicely! Sometimes it is difficult for individuals to let go of former belief patterns, and it can be even more frightening for an individual feel responsible (or creators) for their own health; your responses to those concerns were so thoughtful.

Peace & Blessings,

Jacqueline  A."


Constipation and Stomach Cramps

Subj: Arlene _____ Letter Regarding EFT     Hi Tom and Linda,   My letter regarding our EFT sessions is typed below.  Thanks so much for your help.   Arlene                AUGUST 19, 2010

I took an EFT course several years ago and really tried to apply the tapping technique to problems I was encountering.  I did not get any results.

Tom Masbaum had an introductory class on EFT in the Spring of 2008 and I signed up for the class.  Many of the participants felt that they experienced different degrees of healing during this class.  Tom asked about bodily complaints and explained that if there were problems with a father or father-figure, digestive complaints could be connected to that.  Again I failed to get any results from the class.

Tom made an appointment to meet with me for a private session at a McDonald's close to home.  We went through a series of questions and tapping to determine what was the cause of the constipation and stomach cramps I had been experiencing for as long as I could remember, even in my youth.  I was a confirmed user of laxatives and other pills to promote bowel movements but could never accomplish this normal function on my own. 

Tom asked me to bring up a memory of my father and I recalled that my grandfather had died when I was 11 years old.  This was the first wake I had attended.  I loved my grandfather and was very sad.  I went up to the floral arrangements to smell the beautiful flowers.  My dad flew into a rage and pulled me away from the flowers and started slapping me.  I hated flowers and the smell of flowers from that time onwards.  Tom and I worked on that and other memories and I felt the knot in my intestines loosen.  With Tom’s help I laughed at myself for smelling those lousy flowers.

The next day we went to a meeting and after the meeting, we were presented with a rose.  For the first time in over 60 years, the rose smelled wonderful to me and I was able to hold the flower and bring it home to enjoy its beauty.

I still had some memories of issues with my Dad that caused me some pain, so Tom made another appointment to help me clear up the emotions tied to these other issues, again all relating to a tempestuous relationship with my father.  We met at another Mcdonald's.  I was not having pain as severe as I experienced before our first session and Tom was able to help me overcome some more very disturbing memories and even laugh at my role in the altercations.  I felt more releasing of the tension in my intestines.

Since working with Tom, I have had no further need for laxatives or other purgatives.  The stress and tension I was holding in my intestines has left me.  I guess this tapping does work.



"My name is Roderick Calloway and for over a year and a half I have been functioning at less than 70% of my normal energy level accompanied by a plethora of symptoms and no substantive answers from my health providers the Veterans Health Care.

I came upon EFT or rather EFT found me, from three different sources within a month of each other. I was extremely intrigued with the principle as it appeared to holistically connect the mind and the body. Over the pass six months I've experienced the efficacy of EFT in two separate areas, back pain, and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

My experiences in Viet Nam as a helicopter pilot left quite a few mental scars. With the personal help of Tom Masbaum, I have significantly reduced my suffering, although I am by no means cured, I believe Tom has given me a tool I can use to continue my rehabilitation and for this, Tom, I truly thank you.

Sincerely Yours My Friend,

Roderick Calloway

Ranson, West Virginia"

(EFT is wonderful for PTSD.  Roderick's ability to focus on the pieces of the helicopter crash memory helped him to relieve the pain fairly quickly. We also worked on memories of painful situations that arose later, indirectly related to having been injured in the crash.)


PTSD From An Accident: 

"Thank you so much for helping my sister Sandy this morning.  Tears of joy and gratitude filled my eyes as I saw her release the negative emotions she has carried with her since last year's accident."

"This morning, before your session with her, she was in a very negative state.  Memories and fears related to the accident were consuming her.  After one session with you, she released it!  To hear her laugh again was such a treat for me.  Thank you so much Tom.  God Bless you!"

-Sherry Jones"

(As all experienced EFT Practioners know, EFT works fantastically well on PTSD. In this phone EFT session we focused on the accident and then on then present day fears relating to the accident.  EFT is wonderful.)


85% Relief From A Physical Problem (Lower Colon Related)

From an email received on June 5, 2009.
"About a year ago I had a healing crisis that over the last 12 months would ebb and flow, some days a little better than others, but overall, things were getting worse. I intuitively knew I needed to do more to heal my body. The thing was, I had already tried just about everything I could find online or otherwise so was feeling like I'd come to the end of the line with nowhere to go. Then, a distant memory came to the forefront of my consciousness regarding EFT. I had read and downloaded some information about EFT a couple of years ago, tried it peripherally at that time, but basically had abandoned it/ forgotten about it altogether. But here it was, on my mind once again. So I began to research once again, mostly online and found what I felt to be weighty recommendations from trusted sources, notably Dr. Mercola's website. After more looking around, I 'stumbled' on (read: was guided to...) Tom's website. I looked around and decided I had nothing to lose and contacted Tom for more information. This was on a weeknite at approx. 7:30PM PST. Much to my surprise, Tom called about a half hour later (10:00PM his time) and began speaking with me about my challenge and EFT and his practice etc. Before I knew it, we were off and running in to a full blown EFT session right then and there! Tom and I had a coupe of sessions, I got the hang of his technique, and after a couple more sessions on my own, my symptoms improved a minimum of 85% and have remained at that level now for approx. a full week. This experience has been unprecedented to say the least. I can't believe the results - and I am so grateful for them! Let me be clear this was what seemed to be a 100% physical condition - and yet with no notable changes in my regime, after EFT, the condition has improved to nearly a complete healing. I can't say enough about Tom, EFT, or the potential here for anyone who needs help. Give it a try! I sure am glad I did!" -Chris


From K. H.      To EFTwithTom@gmail.com    Jan 14, 2011    Subject:  M. H. 's progress

Hi Tom:  I can't thank you enough for braving the winter weather to come meet with us on Tuesday evening.  You truly have a gift and can size up our family dynamics faster than many therapists we have seen for years.   I sometimes get defensive too when being given feedback, but you do it in such a way that I could truly receive it.  I have been trying to interact in an improved manner with M --in a more grounded way.  Of course, coming from my background of abuse and neglect, I tend to overcompensate, which is in part what created my own illness.  I have been told that I needed to be more detached, but it is a struggle for me.  One of the things that I really needed to be reminded about was how the universe matches our emotional state.  Our therapist also subscribes to these ideas, but kept telling me to visualize what I want and not to get caught up in the how.  That wasn't working so well, because I was still often living in the fear based mode.

M and I won't change overnight, but I have noticed a significant improvement with him since we met with you.  He is still "resisting" but not as often or with such tenacity.  He still won't tap, or even consider it, but I am going to just model the behaviors in a quiet way to help myself and not push him to get "on board".   He does seem more able to receive my love, which is a big step for him.  Some of the suspiciousness is subsiding a bit.

Anyway, the session was very productive.  I am feeling more hopeful.  The change begins with me, and I understood that not just in my head, but also in my heart, after you saw us.   Thanks again for everything.

Fondly,    K. H.


I thoroughly enjoyed your EFT classes.  Your technique is very effective and easy to do!  Blessings & Thanks for doing what you do!



From: Tricia 

Date: Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 9:12 AM  Subject: last night -tapping
To: Tom Masbaum <EFTWithTom@gmail.com>
Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for taking the time with me so late last night.  I feel so deeply blessed to have met you and know there is a reason for our connection.  I wanted to express my gratitude to you, I have had a very emotional time lately.  Some times I am able to clear the emotions myself and I have used tapping, self hypnosis, and meditation for this however this past week and weekend has been one emotional roller coaster and I was getting caught up in the downward spiral so your help was very needed.  I love the fact that you and Linda were there because I didn't know you would be and you both have made such an impression on me.  I am feeling much better and I do know there are more layers of emotions and some are still coming but I am in a much better place and I thank you for it.  I clearly see you are love personified and the compassion you have is very touching. Thank you again for your time and energy. Thank you, too, for the CD, I will listen and already know there is valuable information for me.

Until the next time - walking in love and dancing in joy with much appreciation,    Trish


Stomach Pains

From: Shawna
Date: Mon, May 16, 2011 at 9:10 PM
Subject: Thank you      
To: eftwithtom@gmail.com

Hi Tom - I am writing to thank you for introducing me to EFT.  I attended your class a few weeks ago and have seen some amazing changes since! 
Three years ago I started to experience severe stomach pains after eating many of my favorite foods.  The pain was almost unbearable.  After being diagnosed with IBS, I began taking pills to help control the symptoms.  However, after a while I did not want to take pills in order to eat.  Therefore,  I decided to manage my diet and stay away from my favorite foods, especially tomatoes and all Italian cuisine. 
During your class, I learned techniques for working through some of the emotional burdens I was carrying around with me.  Since doing so, I am happy to report that ALL of my IBS symptoms are gone!  I have been able to eat my favorite foods again without getting sick and it feels so wonderful to be free of the emotional pain that was holding me back.  I cannot thank you enough for teaching me the power of letting go and forgiveness! 



Letter to Gary Craig:


About two years ago I called you after seeing three EFT practitioners for pain without any success. I chose them because I was unable to pay the fee and insurance would cover health care professionals. I have since tried many different modalities of healing but knew I just needed to find the "right" person.

Well, yesterday I called Tom Masbaum in Oak Forest, Illinois for an EFT gift for my son's birthday. He (my son) too had used a hypnotherapist and EFT(on himself) without success. While inquiring about the mechanics of how to give a gift of EFT, I mentioned I was familiar with EFT and didn't get any good results. Tom, with his quiet gentle voice, said, "We'll get back to your son, but tell me something about your pain."  

Without going into too much detail and boring you, I told him I suffered from chronic back and hip pain. He asked a series of questions about past incidents and seemed to have an idea where he was going with me. However, I tried to tell him that couldn't be the problem. I had put no importance on the incident at the time. However, Tom gently reassured me and led me back to focus.

Well, it goes without saying he was right. What I thought was of no importance was at the core of my pain. I was able to move unlike I have for the last few months. I felt very comfortable with Tom; something I then realized I had not felt with any of the other practitioners.

Tom didn't just guide me through an EFT session he was going with me and seemed to share the session with me. I knew he would not take me anywhere I was uncomfortable and he genuinely cared about me and the outcome. I realized the importance of "trust" even when some think you just go through the sequence. Anyone can tell you to tap here or there but if instinctively you "feel" the person is not sincere then it means nothing.

Gary, this is the real clincher: Tom didn't even charge me! He stayed with me until I got results. It's important to want to make a living but to have a desire to help others with a talent from God is unbelievable in today's money driven world. I didn't think there were people,especially those that make their living as he does, who are still concerned about humanity. I think calling Tom was a "God thing". I am so thankful for you sharing EFT with the world and for people like Tom who are the true examples of God love.

From: T.Z.
Date: Sun, Sep 25, 2011

EFT is the real deal. Tom quickly zeroed in on the issue and enabled me to move forward. Do not hesitate to
give him and EFT a try.



E.L.  --  Tom helped me heal over the death of my mother when I was 14. Within minutes of tapping, I no longer felt like I wanted to cry when I thought about her.

F. S.,   --     My son was murdered almost 20 years ago and I could still feel a deep grief whenever his memory came up. In just a short, small part at the end of a session with Mr. Masbaum, he had me focus on what he called a "woulda/coulda/shoulda" on my part that comes up in mind. He said not to look for a particularly strong or weak "wish it didn't happen that way" memory, but to just watch for whatever memory or thought that comes up. I did think immediately of something that I wished I had not done just before the incident. I am a grown man of 70 who thought I had handled my son's murder fairly well years ago, but I burst into tears right there in the restaurant as I thought of that simple, tiny event that came up. He had me doing a little EFT tapping and the relief was immediate. I can sure see why Mr. Masbaum says that he loves what he does. I am truly grateful.

 LYDIA  --     It's hard to believe how calm I feel ever since our EFT session. I find it easier and easier to feel the love. Thank you, Tom. I can see why you love what you do.

Mel  --     I was overcome with grief over a failed relationship that had ended and I can't express how grateful I am for Tom's help during our phone session. He guided me through a tearful EFT session with patience and compassion. Not only did I feel much lighter after our work, I was able to go out and continue a wonderful friendship with the woman I had broken it off with. I highly recommend EFT work with Tom. His warmth, generosity and intuition are a real gift and I know I'll return to work with him whenever other issues come up.

Samantha L  --     I've had stomach issues all of my life (IBS, which in my case, is anxiety related). As of last September, my stomach pains have gotten much worse, to the point of extreme pain, extreme nausea, and inability to work. All I wanted to do was curl up in a little ball in my bed and sleep away the pain. After trying every natural resource from the health food store that my parents own, I decided it would be best to schedule an appointment with my doctor. After the numerous blood tests came back normal, and then the plethora of anti-anxiety medications didn't work, my general practitioner recommended that I see a stomach specialist. The specialist recommended a lower GI barium test, and the results showed nothing. So then he scheduled me for a gastroscopy, only to his surprise, he again found nothing. He then recommended that I try an anti-depressant, and suggested to see a psychiatrist. I hated his suggestion, b/c I knew I wasn't depressed or in need of any psychiatric help. I knew there was something wrong with me and there had to be an answer to my problems out there. I didn't know where to turn, only then asking the universe to give me the help that I needed. The next thing you know, a co-worker and very dear friend of mine suggested that I attend an EFT workshop in Homewood, IL at Insight Awareness the following week. Needless to say, I was intrigued, and I knew that this was the help I'd asked for. My husband and I attended the workshop together, and I can honestly say that afterwards, I felt so energized and full of love after I left! My husband and I stayed up talking almost all night about what an amazing technique we had discovered. And we were so grateful that we had learned about it together! This week I've been suffering from the worst stomach aches yet. So bad that the medication that alliviated the pain is now not helping at all. So, I called Tom and luckily, he fit me into his busy schedule and we had a phone session together. Tom guided me through healing my painful memories. And the results are nothing short of a miracle. Not only do I feel completely energized and fantastic about myself, my stomach does not hurt at all- it actually growled quite a bit in the middle of our session! And as I'm writing this, I can barely focus b/c I am so hungry, I am thinking about all of the things that I could make myself to eat to celebrate these amazing results! Tom is an angel that God and the universe have blessed me with. I am so thankful for Tom & his teachings b/c they have brought relief to me, and for that, I will be forever grateful. Everyone can lead a healthier, happier life if they just apply the Emotional Freedom Techniques. Thank you, Tom! Sending much love, joy & peace your way, my friend!


Dear Tom & Linda,

Thanks so very much ...... I hope to attend another one of your classes in the not-to-distant future.  Thanks again. Joy and Blessings, Doris H.

Nancy- Dear Tom,

I was in the seminar last Saturday (5/12).  This email is just to let you know how much it was amazing for me learning EFT, the seminar was wonderful.  I learned a lot and I am so grateful to you.  Thank you so much.  I've been trying it for the last 2 years and finally now I believe I know better and will be able to work on my emotions.


EFT WORKSHOP TESTIMONIES: Even in the 1 or 2 hour Introductory Workshops, we expect the attendees to experience the wonderful relief from utilizing EFT. Here are just a few of the many comments we have received.


"I feel more comfortable to work on my emotions and control it."

"More secure, forgiving, able to let go of stress.  Desire to create happiness and not attract negativity."

"Feel good! Will get a CD on digestive problems.  Thanks!" 

"It gave me chills.  It totally resonated my spirit. Hard to put into words.  I experienced a sense of coming home, that I can do this.  Yes, this will work, this is the missing piece. "

"This is a wonderful, fantastic and amazing technique for healing. The joy the two of you exude was so precious and affirming for your work.  Our friends and family deserve you also.  I feel so powerful."

 "I feel better and more energized."

"This workshop was excellent.  I would have loved to have a couple of more hours."

"It was a great workshop.  I enjoyed Tom's energy and enthusiasm."

"I feel better about myself and I thank you for showing me how to get rid of negative feelings."

"Very informative--Lots of examples--Adequate hands-on.  Was able to deal with long term grief/anger issues regarding.....Feel prepared to apply to childhood issues."--From a Practicing Psychologist

"Tom is an awesome facilitator.  He's warm, loving, and spiritual." and "My lower back is...less sore."--From a seminar facilitator

"Wonderful...very self-empowering."

"Chock full of useful information."  Best aspect= "Hands on experience."

"Very enlightening, educational, and immediate applicable information."  Best aspect= "Being able to relieve some symptoms."

"Informative and enjoyable.  Thank You, Tom & Linda."

"I enjoyed your teaching process.  I felt your honesty, calm, centerness (sic) & the vitality of this technique along with other references to the 'bigger picture' of the interconnectedness of everything.  You didn't do any smokescreens and theatrics.  Just down to earth relating your experience with a subject matter that could come across  hoaky."

"Excellent.  Lots of new things learned.  Will definitely practice the tapping."  Best aspect= "Learning how to release pain via releasing emotions."  "Great job.....When is the next workshop?"

"I really enjoyed it."  Best aspect= "Being able to ease the physical pain."

"Good--I'm a little skeptical, which I think will wear off."  Best aspect= "Experiencing numerous releases."

"I loved the workshop.  The experience I has was wonderful."

"....This was a very positive informative workshop."  Best aspect= "The feeling of release."

Best aspect= "Relieving pain."

"Interesting, helpful, good teacher."

"Tom is the bomb."--from a teenager

"Enlightening."  Best aspect= "Learning how to calm down emotions."

"I liked the workshop very much because I learned something that is very useful."

"Very interesting, valuable info presented.  Tom obviously is very knowledgeable and passionate about EFT.  He's also very motivating.  I'm feeling more hopeful." --from a Clinical Psychologist

"I loved watching you work with J....He is a trauma survivor and to see you work one frame at a time with him and do the tapping helped me get the process at a very deep level."

Dear Tom,

....You are a very kind man and we are so grateful to you for all your help.

Your new friend,

Connie P., Aurora, IL

Hi Tom,

.....Things have been wonderful since we met with you.  I actually just got off the phone with both parents together and they are back to their same old inside jokes and bantering back and forth like I haven't heard in months and months.  Everyone sounds more relaxed.  It's amazing.  I do think they wanted to contact you about possibly arranging another session for the whole family to address sibling concerns.

I can't thank you enough!

Peace, love and joy :)

K.M., Brookfield, IL

My Grief and feelings of guilt lessened a whole lot.  Thanks.

(Feelings of Grief for 15 years, and stress aches and backaches for the past couple of years.)  Aches are lessened & grief is lessened as well.  I felt a great sense of release after our class.  Thank you.  Actually, the feeling of grief is gone.  Wow.

In the first round of EFT my anxiety started at a 6 and I was able to have complete forgiveness. I felt a wonderful physical sensation of relief......... Thank you.

I had years of anxiety and fear and after the first EFT thing that we did those feelings were gone.  It straightened out a lot of things in my mind.

"Happy Birthday Tom, You are truly gifted in EFT and life.  I am thrilled to have you two in my life. Thanks, Tomi"

Dear Tom -Thank you so much for the wonderful program.   You are an amazing speaker and very inspiring.  I feel blessed to have attended. .....Thank you, W. O. 


EFT has been clinically effective in thousands of cases, based on impressive new discoveries involving the body's subtle energies. There are numerous clinical cases and testimonials regarding dramatic relief for Trauma & Abuse, Panic & Anxiety, Fears & Phobias, DepressionAddictive Cravings, Children's Issues and hundreds of physical symptoms including pain relief, headaches, body pains and breathing difficulties using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  Properly applied EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) has been proven to provide noticeable improvement or complete cessation of problems in over 80 percent of patients.  EFT the missing piece to the healing puzzle...."EFT often works where nothing else will."

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