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From September 2011
EFT Newsletter from Tom Masbaum & Linda Nyberg, 9-20-11
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EFT & back pain. A short EFT story. A middle aged woman came into our small social gathering walking slowly and carefully. Her lower back was very painful. This was a new and current pain, not one that she had a lot of times. I asked her to experiment with EFT for a few moments and she agreed. We had her sit with her hands in her lap and focus on a recent payment that she was concerned about. I suggested that it could be a bill she owes, one that is in error or even some amount, large or small that someone owes her. It could be any payment that was on her mind recently, just before her back went out. She found a situation immediately. She sat focusing on the payment/bill, with her hands folded, as 6 of us started tapping on ourselves, surrogately, for her. In less than 3 minutes she could stand up without being all bent over. It went from an apparent very high SUDS to only a 1 or 2
with what she described as “a slight residual “ pain, and all without her tapping for herself.

EFT Certification class in Chicago. Last minute notice. Gwyneth Moss, EFT Master from England will be presenting the Full Level 1 class this Sat & Sunday, Sept 24/25 at the Keystone Healing Center in Chicago. See for more information. Tell them you heard about it from Tom and you will receive :
1. a copy of the original 87 page Gary Craig EFT Manual,
2. A DVD for releasing grief with EFT, using the pattern that I use to guarantee success in releasing of grief in only one EFT session, two at the most.
3. A DVD for releasing all symptoms of digestive problems (acid reflux, crohn's disease, colitis, etc all the way down to hemorrhoids). Same guarantee of success.

Our October schedule of classes is below and on our website,

Success Stories! We love to hear about your success with EFT. Write to us, email to us or call us and tell us the details using your own use of EFT, the success you felt in one of our EFT sessions, or any other way EFT has helped you and your loved ones.

Free $25 gift card. Nobody won the $25 gift card offered in the June newsletter, because the number of people who replied did not hit 33. So we will continue counting from where we left off and the 33rd person who responds with “EFT Is Wonderful, It Works” in an email will receive the gift card, with an additional $25 gift card for the 38th person who tells us that “EFT Is Wonderful, It Works .”

The EFT pain relief world summit is still under way. Click on the link below and log in for FREE EFT tapping sessions for pain relief. EFT is wonderful. It works.

From June 2011

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This newsletter:
1. EFT Success Story.
2. Did You Know?
3. EFT Classes coming up.
4. Time for a free $25.00 gift card.
5. Link for “How to Guarantee Success In An EFT Session”.
6. Limerick

1. EFT Success Story!

S.S. came to our 6 hour, Full Level One Material class at SoderWorld in Willowbrook, IL
on May 1, 2011. Two weeks later on May 16 she sent this email.

S. S. To:

Hi Tom - I am writing to thank you for introducing me to EFT. I attended your class a
few weeks ago and have seen some amazing changes since! Three years ago I started to
experience severe stomach pains after eating many of my favorite foods. The pain was
almost unbearable. After being diagnosed with IBS, I began taking pills to help control
the symptoms. However, after a while I did not want to take pills in order to eat.
Therefore, I decided to manage my diet and stay away from my favorite foods,
especially tomatoes and all Italian cuisine.

During your class, I learned techniques for working through some of the emotional
burdens I was carrying around with me. Since doing so, I am happy to report that ALL
of my IBS symptoms are gone! I have been able to eat my favorite foods again without
getting sick and it feels so wonderful to be free of the emotional pain that was holding
me back. I cannot thank you enough for teaching me the power of letting go and forgiveness!


S……. S…….

We would love to hear back from you about your EFT success.
Please consider taking a few minutes to let us know. Thank you.

2. Did You Know?

The South American giant ant eater eats more than 30,000 ants a day.
The heart of a blue whale is the size of a small car.
The tongue of a blue whale is as long as an elephant.
Native Americans were granted full U.S. citizenship June 2, 1924. (Approximately 3,000 years after they came to America.)

3. EFT class/workshop schedule! Call about discounts.
CE's available = Massage Therapists & Reflexologists.
Locations are listed on our website.

)(1/2 price for repeat attendance)
EFT Private sessions can be in person at various locations, on the phone & Skype,
all with an unconditional guarantee of success.
1st session = $100. Follow up sessions, as needed, are only $75.
(Easy payment terms available. No one refused for lack of funds. Don’t let money
issues hold you back from your health).

4. Free $25.00 Gift Card. The 33rd person to reply,
stating in the subject line or in the body of the email, “EFT IS WONDERFUL”,
will receive a $25.00 gift card from, good at thousands of restaurants
all across the country.

5. I comfortably guarantee success in every EFT session (or no charge).
You can also guarantee success. Click on the link to the page on our website and
just follow the pattern. It works every time.
Go to


When was the last time you read or heard a Limerick?

There was a Young lady named Harris
Whom nothing could ever embarrass
Til the salts that she shook
In the bath that she took
Turned out to be Plaster of Paris

Blessings to you all. KEEP SMILING.

Tom & Linda



Subject:  1. EFT Success Story – Bell’s Palsy, 2. Words of Wisdom, 3. Did You Know? 4. EFT Classes & Private Sessions.

A young lady flying home to India had an abrupt attack of Bell’s Palsy while enroute. Here is her email to me about her episode. “Bhanu R. to Tom Masbaum, May 9   HI Tom, Yes I was under a lot of stress, I was on my way to India aboard a plane when I had a Bell's Palsy episode.  The Dr. on board said that it will last anywhere between 6 months to one year.  I was scared and worried and stressed.  That’s when I decided to do the tapping.   Within a 15-20 minute tapping session I was able to clear the symptoms having no sensations on bottom lip and tongue, drooped eyes and saliva coming out of my mouth.  Never experienced anything like that and to this day I am free. 
“When I did do the tapping, I focused on what I was feeling at the moment: scared, worried, and forgave myself for any emotional baggage related to the episode, even though I did not know what it was.  I was just focused on the fear and the emotional attachment with 100% dedication and vulnerability.  I hope that helps.   Good Luck!”

Please share your emotional freedom story on, under “SHARE YOUR SUCCESS”.

IMPORTANT! … The People who brought you the “Tapping World Summit” have a new series for you. To view the free videos go to
Some Words of Wisdom by Albert Schweitzer:
“The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind”.

This applies to EFT as well.  By dissipating our old negative emotions that hold us back from enjoying life as it should be enjoyed, we then reap the benefits & move on to our new emotional freedom!  In effect, we alter our attitudes of mind and move toward the positive “Law of Attraction”.

More Words of Wisdom:  “Unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses”.  Dr. Eric Robins, MD

Many people who were in one or more of my many classes & found their emotional freedom after releasing old negative emotions, were profoundly grateful. They had many “aah, haa’s”.  The classes are always different and interesting.   Upcoming classes are listed below.

The sun is 330,330 times larger than the earth.
Water expands by about 9% as it freezes.
One of the Seven Wonders of the World still survives: the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Clients who received my EFT private sessions as a gift were extremely thankful to their families & friends. If you would like to schedule a private session for yourself or for someone else as a gift, I can be reached at 708-955-3634.  Private EFT sessions can be by phone or in person at various
Chicago land locations listed on  I have also made many in-home visits.  A private session with a client in London, on the phone using Skype, was very successful.  After 3,000+ private sessions, I am comfortably offering a guarantee of success or no charge. EFT works.
For companies, our group stress release workshops improve employee relations with healthier and happier employees. Employees with improved health and improved attitudes of mind are more productive. Some additional benefits are less absenteeism and lower health insurance premiums.

May all of you have a happy, healthy & joyous summer.

Tom Masbaum & Linda Nyberg, EFT Practitioners, Adv. 708.955.3634,    our website is

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