EFT -- Emotional & Physical Issues (Mind/Body Connection)

EFT is natural healing at its best.


Addictions – anger, suppressed anger, low self-esteem, old hurts Anxiety – fear, worry (sometimes subliminal) 
Depression – anger, anger turned inward, trauma, abuse, low self-esteem 
Grief – anger, guilt, self blame which may not be logical. 
PTSD – trauma, abuse 


Acid reflux – can’t stomach, rejection, see Colon
Arthritis -- rigidness, "I am right"
Asthma – feels smothered 
Back pain: 
wing bone – upset, anger - right side male/left side female 
lower back – lack of support (money or emotional) – right side male/left side female 
upper middle – betrayed, abandoned, “feeling like stabbed in the back”
Breast – over nurturing/under nurturing – right side father/father figure - left side mother/mother figure 
Colon – anger, anxiety, sorrow, deep disappointment - father/father figure (including an aggressive/domineering female or a female authority figure) 
Endometriosis – anger, rage
Feet , Ankles – not sure of standing/foundation – right side male/left side female. 
Heart – love, heart broken, sometimes “old hates” 
Hips – see knees
Kidney & Adrenal – stress, fear 
Knees – old decision making anxiety – right side male/left side female. Old anxiety about a decision toward or from a situation (relationship, job, organization, etc.) 
Liver – anger 
Lungs – grief, feels smothered
Shoulder – burden, carrying the weight of the world - right side male/left side female 
Toes, Ankles - not sure of next step – right side male/left side female 
Weight – low self esteem – protection barrier - don’t want to get close with or hurt by someone again. Most times this also includes not being willing or able to forgive themselves or someone else. 


DISCLAIMER: The U.S. law does not permit us to diagnose or treat medical conditions.  Please understand that our comments are for educational purposes only.

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