Using EFT to Relieve Lower Back Problems

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Chronic back pain?

If you are suffering from lower back pain, you'll be glad to hear that a new DVD for eliminating lower back pain has just been released.  "Using EFT to Relieve Lower Back Problems" takes you through a simple, gentle, and very effective seven step process of tapping.  It is simply acupuncture without needles and in the DVD you are guided where to focus while you are tapping.  In following the simple directions you will find that your discomfort will substantially lessen or disappear.  It works.

This DVD is the third in the series of EFT tapping DVDs by Tom Masbaum, the founder of "EFT With A Guarantee."
Also still available are the first and second DVDs:

"Using EFT to Release Grief"

"Using EFT to Release Digestion Related Problems"

*Physical DVDs available*
Hard copy DVDs can be purchased with free shipping for $35.99.  This would make a wonderful gift for someone with chronic lower back pain.

Physical DVD $35.99

*Instant Digital Download*
For only $18.99 you can download this video immediately and watch it on your computer.
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Digital download $18.99

The purchase of this DVD, either physical or electronic, is a donation and is tax deductible to the extent where allowed by law.

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