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 "John's Barley Grass Juice Powder is an exceptional product. Having personally tested the effectiveness of many alkaline substances, I can testify to the potency of this product.

Compared to other commercial barley grass juice powders, John's is fresher, darker and far more detoxifying. Barley grass is much milder in taste than other green super-foods like wheat-grass and blue-green algae.

It's creamy taste allows one to enjoy its full range of nutritional benefits with greater ease. I use this product daily and I highly recommend it to others."

— Michael McEvoy,
founder, Radiant Health Now, nutritional coach and yoga instructor

 The premier high-protein juice drink: our raw, vegetarian, antioxidant, vitamin & mineral supplement for natural energy, nutritional healing, and sports fitness.

 Flower pollen and a bee secretion, Mother Nature's all-in-one essential nutrients for energy, sexual vitality, and long-life.

 Peruvian root powder encourages sexual vigor; supports endocrine system for hormone production.

 John's custom combination provides the power of barley grass juice powder, bee pollen, and macca root in one multi-vitamin, mineral, high protein, anti-
inflammatory, hormone-building supplement.

  Vortex juice spinner: Whirling motion mixes super-food powders to energize any drink.


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The Vortex Juice Spinner is not available as part of the Mix & Match Offer.

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