EFT for Vets and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

My name is Roderick Calloway and my purpose in writing this narrative is to relate to my fellow combat veterans the existence of an alternative treatment modality for PTSD. I was a helicopter-pilot in Duc Pho, Viet Nam, ' 69-'70, as a member of the 174th AHC Assault Hel. Company. As any of you former pilots remember we encountered daily traumatic experiences which carved grooves of pain in our psyches.

Once removed from this environment and without any form of deprogramming, we're left to our own devices as how to cope with what the human psyche seeks, how to rebalance itself from constant "fight or flight" mode to "It's OK, you're safe" mode. The VA addresses this problem with drugs and piece-meal encounter groups which I found great at reliving these experiences, but fell short of reducing these effects "flash-backs" on day-to-day living. Without closure we logically resort to anesthesia, which is readily available in your favorite brand, such as alcohol, soft and hard drugs, that bring with them all the associated extreme behaviors.

Throughout all my seeking for years finding temporary relief here and there, the universe brought me to something called EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques. Since I was currently seeing an acupuncturist, the philosophy of EFT "made sense' to me. It never occurred to me that each one of these experiences and thoughts were "things" being deposited into my psyche (and physical body),and without the proper resolution they would contribute not only to mental instability but the creation of chronic illness precipitated by chronic stress.

I'm embarrassed that my memory refuses to give up the circumstances which brought me to meet Thomas Masbaum and Linda Nyberg, however, suffice to say they entered my life at an appropriate time. Tom and Linda, beyond teaching and treating the science of EFT are very loving beings whose love is contagious. My experiences in receiving EFT from Tom have progressed slowly, I believe because of my ego's need to hold on to certain precepts,(whatever that means, something) however, as I explained to Tom, although the 'flash-backs" continue, either their "sting" is reduced or my ability to consciously minimize their effect has increased. Either way the net effect is very positive.
In participating in this process, I've learned that the more I neutralize these " thoughts, feelings, things", the more I discover the arrival of more of them into the consciousness, consequently this process, however subtle, is "on going". As an example we recently worked on my aircraft crash in Viet Nam. After a few sessions, the recall was not as painful, but the next session brought up other memories which I have not even mentioned to Tom as of yet.

I would like mention at this point that the techniques 'tapping", once understood and became comfortable with, even in the middle of the night, when haunted by 'something", anyone can diminish or neutralize the feelings intensity, by applying the simple EFT technique. Tom's website is www.EFT-Tom.com. If any of you Vets or therapists treating the Vets would like to talk to me about my experience, you can reach me through Tom.

Peace, Love & Light
Roderick Calloway

Hi, this is Tom Masbaum, an EFT WITH A GUARANTEE practitioner. In August 2004 my second daughter Michelle, a child psychologist, told me about EFT. I had prior experience of owning my own company and being a business consultant which led me to being open-minded about "other options". I had also participated in and moderated discussion groups and prayer groups since 1961, so I was always open to alternative health ideas. I became enamored with the simple tapping process called EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, because of how successful it was as I briefly showed it to many people. Although I continued as a business consultant I was drawn more and more into the world of helping people throughout the Chicago area with EFT.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a simple, gentle and yet very effective tapping procedure on some of the acupuncture spots as we focus on the emotional or physical discomfort. With EFT, we go within, bring the problem (emotional and physical) to the surface and gently resolve the issue. After 5000 individual sessions, I now call my practice EFT WITH A GUARANTEE.

In 2005 and 2006 we started to present workshops in other local localities, including London England and many other US states outside of the Chicago area. This included two workshops in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. About that time Roderick was doing some volunteer work in Shepherdstown and I believe he saw one of our flyers that we distributed around town prior to the workshop. He called and we had a few EFT sessions with him on the phone. At that time Roderick let us know that he was very grateful for the relief he felt from the EFT sessions. We became phone and email friends. Linda and I met Roderick personally when we presented a workshop in Washington, DC, a year or so later. We experienced a real feeling of brotherly love with Roderick, which continues to this day.

Over the next few years our phone and email conversations continued and as I look back it became something like "the shoemaker's son runs around barefoot". We enjoyed the conversations and emails (Roderick sent some "laugh out loud" emails) but we didn't do very much EFT until recently.

A short while back I "picked up" in a conversation with Roderick that he still had something going on emotionally related to the PTSD. It dawned on me that although I've had over 5000 individual sessions of EFT with people since August 2004, my focus in an EFT session for PTSD has narrowed as I became more experienced with clients who had PTSD related symptoms. In the last couple thousand sessions if anyone had PTSD related symptoms, I immediately took them to a feeling of remorse or guilt. I asked him to find a specific "Woulda/Coulda/Shoulda", and it is always there. Every client finds one rapidly, if not immediately.

Roderick agreed to have another EFT session about his PTSD. When I asked him to look back at the helicopter crash and find his woulda/coulda/shoulda, he immediately found one and then after bringing the emotion attached to that one that one down to zero on a scale of 1 to 10, he found another.

Roderick's memory took him to that helicopter flight he was piloting in Vietnam when he became the object of enemy fire. Although it defies logic to think that he would automatically know which way to turn the helicopter to avoid enemy fire from below, he felt he made a mistake because he was hit by enemy fire. During the tapping process of EFT he repeatedly said "I should've turned the other way". " I should've turned the other way." After the emotion subsided on blaming himself for turning the wrong way he then had a pilot's decision to make of pushing down a particular lever. He felt extreme guilt about not pushing down the lever soon enough. As the helicopter lost power because its hydraulic system was bullet ridden, it went into a low glide just over the rice patties. It then partially connected with the ground and flipped over. The other two GIs in the helicopter were injured. One of them suffered back injury severe enough to be sent back to the states for treatment. Roderick carried his guilt of not protecting his two companions for 44 years.

When we first started working on this memory, Roderick said "of course I've worked on this a lot before" implying that the emotion was somewhat gone. Once we started working on the actual memory I had Roderick voicing what he felt at the time. The emotion did come back much higher than he thought it might be. After 10 minutes or so of the simple, gentle and effective EFT tapping, the emotion regarding that memory completely slipped away. Roderick could forgive himself for his supposed miscalculations that became his "woulda/coulda/shouldas".

During the tapping regarding this particular memory, Roderick got in touch with the feeling of being scared, which is entirely natural as a helicopter pilot that was just hit by enemy fire. Afterwards, with my guidance, Roderick looked at a memory when he was very young and he still had a strong feeling of being scared. He was being teased playfully by an older aunt but in a way that really scared him as a toddler. When the event happened he remembers it as the first time that he ran. He turned away from his aunt and ran into his mother's arms. His aunt's humor escaped him as a toddler, but the emotion of being scared returned when he remembered it. We used EFT to process the residual emotion.

After these EFT sessions, we reviewed both memories and Roderick has indicated that there is no "sting" leftover related to these memories.

For anyone reading this who is presently consumed with the agony of PTSD, I know it sounds overly simple to imply that the painful symptoms can be reduced with just a few sessions of EFT tapping. Yet the reality is just that in my experience with clients. Ironically the professionals dealing with this area of therapy will argue with me, stating that it's impossible, and at the same time they will refuse to experience a free EFT session with me personally, because it appears too good to be true.

I have been a hospice volunteer for the last 15 years at two hospices, one of them being the Hines VA Hospital in Maywood, Illinois. About five years ago I made a determined effort to bring EFT into the Hines VA Hospital for the vets suffering from PTSD. I distributed half a dozen copies of a video with the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, using EFT to bring about miraculous relief to veterans at a VA hospital in Los Angeles in 1994. I just wanted the medical personnel to watch the video and then have a conversation about it. I remember sitting in a chair in front of the desk of one of the senior officers on the medical staff at Hines. Having just handed him this DVD and explained that it was about the Los Angeles vets getting tremendous relief from their PTSD symptoms, I also explained the similar success I've had with the simple tapping process of EFT with my clients.

I then experienced firsthand when someone has their "eyes glaze over". This medical staff person stared right at me and I literally saw a shiny glaze cover his eyes. As I continued to talk I started to move my body up and down and to the left and to the right on my chair to see if his eyes would follow me. He did not. He continued to look straight through where I used to sit. He never heard word that I said. After a minute or two he came back to the room mentally and thanked me for my time and assured me that he would watch the DVD. He never came to the phone or returned my calls afterwards.

EFT is that effective for PTSD and many other symptoms, both emotional and physical. And EFT can be self-administered. Although it always helps to have in experienced practitioner guide you in the starting of something new, you do not need me or anyone else to achieve wonderful release of physical and emotional symptoms. I know I and my friends did right from the start. For my clients, backaches disappear. Hip and knee aches disappear. Digestive issues have disappeared, and the list goes on and on. Try it yourself, you won't be disappointed.

PTSD symptoms gone with EFT by Tom Masbaum

PTSD results from experiencing a shocking life event. One Vietnam veteran related an experience of hearing the whistle of a mortar round coming in. He immediately crouched down next to the tree he was standing near. Within seconds the explosion went off throwing him to the ground. As the smoke cleared, he saw his dead buddies on the open ground.

He felt blessed that he was only wounded, but was nagged for years with the guilt feeling from not yelling out to warn his buddies. With EFT it was relatively easy releasing the emotions attached to the horrific sight. The real strong emotion was the feeling of blame and shame and not yelling out to warn his friends.  There may be no logic in holding onto that guilt, but it was strong and stayed with him until he released it with the EFT tapping. The other men all heard the whistling sound. They all had only seconds to respond. My client happened to be next to a tree and the others were out in the open. With the EFT tapping this veteran completely released all of his negative emotions.

Many of my clients still felt the shame, blame and guilt, even though it was totally illogical. It is good to remember that our emotions are completely different from logical thinking.

Another example is a 61-year-old client working on a memory of sexual abuse at age 7. She remembered crying from the pain and shame, but also felt very guilty that she didn't stop her drunk uncle, who was three times her size, by beating him up. All the emotions related to that event were cleared up with the gentle tapping of EFT. It was amazing how strong the guilt feelings were all those years for not beating  up her uncle.

Many of us are walking around with PTSD symptoms. Although we hear a lot about PTSD with our veterans, the symptoms of PTSD are prevalent in our society from many traumatic events earlier in our lives. EFT is terrific for releasing the symptoms of PTSD. The name says it all - Emotional Freedom. And I know it sounds too good to be true but the PTSD symptoms can usually be eliminated within one to three EFT sessions. EFT is simply tapping on the acupuncture spots. It's acupuncture without needles.  The secret is in the focusing on the unpleasant event.

As controversial as this may sound, I do want to put this out there for all other EFT practitioners, plus for all of you offering alternative healing modalities. My success in relieving the PTSD symptoms with EFT WITH A GUARANTEE is directly related to the power of EFT, AND having the client focus on a "woulda/coulda/shouda."  Please don't judge this statement until you try it. Every client with PTSD symptoms, and especially the vets, has quickly found an instance just as the painful event started where they felt guilt. " I should've yelled out." "In that two seconds before the explosion. I should've warned them." "I should have ..........." "I knew better." These are some of the responses I've heard from clients as they found their "woulda/coulda/shouda." Once the client finds this focal point, we focus on using EFT to release the negative emotion attached to the memory.  Miracles happen with EFT.

Some of this miraculous relief is available in our "Introduction to EFT." classes. Come join us. You'll be glad you did. Expect to be impressed and inspired.  Private sessions are available in the Chicago area and on the phone.

DISCLAIMER: The U.S. law does not permit us to diagnose or treat medical conditions.  Please understand that our comments are for educational purposes only.