EFT for Digestion/Colon Related Problems

Below is information regarding some of my clients with colon problems. The first 3 cases are duplicated from the Testimonials page.

Stomach Pains
From: Shawna
Date: Mon, May 16, 2011 at 9:10 PM
Subject: Thank you
To: eftwithtom@gmail.com

Hi Tom - I am writing to thank you for introducing me to EFT. I attended your class a few weeks ago and have seen some amazing changes since!

Three years ago I started to experience severe stomach pains after eating many of my favorite foods. The pain was almost unbearable. After being diagnosed with IBS, I began taking pills to help control the symptoms. However, after a while I did not want to take pills in order to eat. Therefore, I decided to manage my diet and stay away from my favorite foods, especially tomatoes and all Italian cuisine.

During your class, I learned techniques for working through some of the emotional burdens I was carrying around with me. Since doing so, I am happy to report that ALL of my IBS symptoms are gone! I have been able to eat my favorite foods again without getting sick and it feels so wonderful to be free of the emotional pain that was holding me back. I cannot thank you enough for teaching me the power of letting go and forgiveness!



The results that Karen (Colon #1 below) received are a little more dramatic (full release of symptoms in only a few minutes) but they are similar to what I expect. I offer a 100% guarantee that the client will say it was a wonderful and successful EFT session or there is no charge. This is especially so for anyone with colon problems. I fully expect the symptoms to lessen or disappear within one or two sessions. I’ve been moderating discussion groups and prayer groups since 1961 and I can find over a hundred memories of situations where someone had a colon problem and they happened to also have emotional pain from memories with their father, father figure or authority figure, and usually from childhood. In most of my EFT sessions I do not know the client’s memory. I do not have them tell me anything out loud unless the SUDS level does not drop to “0” within 15 or 20 seconds of tapping while focusing on a painful part of the memory. In our use of the “movie technique”, if they are focusing on a painful “freeze frame” of the memory while tapping, I fully expect the SUDS level to drop that quickly. If not, then I use your “Tell the story” technique to have them tell me the story, a sentence at a time so I can slow them down in looking at the parts of the memory and help them focus.

Colon #1. Karen O.
This and the next testimony are repeated from the another page on this web site. In this case I received 2 emails Karen O. of Mokena, IL. I asked her to give me an updated email stating what meds she was on prior to her EFT session. She had to call her pharmacist because she couldn’t recall the name of the meds. She said that she threw them all out that same afternoon after her first EFT session at the Holistic Fair at Sisters of St. Francis in Mokena, IL. The 18 months since she had the pain seems so long ago. Here are all three of her emails and my explanation of how I approach colon problems. Karen’s private information is available as she said she would welcome a call if someone desired more information. She tells everyone about EFT and has hosted home parties for EFT.
January 3, 2008, From Karen O.
Hi Tom, sorry this is so late. I told you I'd write you a letter regarding the EFT session you did on me at St. Frances in the Woods. I also want to thank you for the interesting work-shop at Angels among us on Dec. 12th, I hope you remember me. I was with a group of friends at St. Francis and one of my friends signed up for your EFT, well at the last minute she decided not to do it so I took her place. That was the best $10.00 I ever spent. I have had ulcerative colitis for about 20 years off and on. I was told by Doctors that I'd have to be on drugs for the rest of my life. Well Dear Tom, in less than two minutes with you doing EFT on me, my life has changed. I have not had one day with any problems, I did throw the drugs away and will never take them again. You have opened up a whole new world for me, I am now studying EFT and hope to help others as you have helped me. Thank you so very much, Sincerely, Karen

September 18, 2008, From Karen O.
Hi, good hearing from you. I will give John a call, thanks. Hope to see you Saturday at St. Francis, do you believe it’ll be a year since you did EFT on me!!!! And I’ve never felt better, thank you, thank you, thank you! Karen

January 19, 2009, From Karen O.
Hi Tom, just thought I'd let you know I'm still doing fine. You did EFT on me a year and a half ago for ulcerated colitis. It took minutes, you had me focus on someone, and when I released what I was apparently holding on to for twenty some years my colitis was gone. I thought you were a kook at first, I really didn't believe this could possibly work. The doctors told me I would be on medication the rest of my life, 8 huge pills a day of asacol, which is a steroid. After leaving you, I went home and threw the pills in the garbage and have been fine ever since. I suffered for years and you cured me in minutes! Wow, I'm forever grateful. Just thought you'd like to know how I was doing. Thank you so much, Karen

Note: In Karen’s 10 minute EFT session, she worked on a memory relating to her father. Karen had one painful memory even though her father is still alive and a great guy. She also could focus on the painful part very well, and followed my directions explicitly during those few minutes. She did not tell me the memory. She was a great client in that she followed my instructions perfectly in focusing and tapping. Linda Nyberg & I developed four extra steps that work beautifully to make sure that the SUDS level is actually down to “0”, but that is another story.

Colon #2, Robin (Not her real name).
A few years ago the main web site for EFT published my letter about Robin, the school psychologist who experienced similar results from one EFT session. See http://www.emofree.com/Articles2/stuttering-colon-surgery.htm. Robin’s session included working on stuttering and her colon problem. The session lasted about 90 minutes. In Robin’s case, 3 then current doctors, looking at 3 separate X-rays, told her that 15 to 18 inches of her colon had to come out and that she will have to wear the colostomy bag to go to the bathroom. After the release of the pain in her memory, with the use of EFT, she related an idyllic relationship with her father. When she was 16 her father became bed ridden. He remained ill and died when she was 21. She had this deep sadness about her father and the loss of the wonderful life with him. For Robin it was only one session of EFT for the complete release of the colon symptoms. The doctors could not find anything wrong in the next X-Ray.

Here is a direct copy from www.emofree.com, for this client.
EFT eliminates lifelong stuttering and avoids colon surgery
Hi Everyone,
Big thanks to Tom Masbaum for sharing the details of this remarkable 2-for-1 EFT result. Note how both the stuttering and the colon problem simply vanished (even though 3 doctors insisted that colon surgery was required).
Hugs, Gary
By Tom Masbaum, BS, EFT-ADV
Dear Gary,
Here is another EFT success story involving stuttering, a severe colon problem and public speaking.
Jane Masteller, a Speech Pathologist working in the Chicago school system attended one of my EFT Introduction workshops. Jane and I discussed using EFT for the children in her care who stuttered. After we exchanged a few emails and phone calls, Jane arranged for a meeting for us with a counselor at one her schools.
Robin (not her real name), the school counselor who is in her fifties, stuttered all of her life. She told us how during her many years rising to her position in the school system, she would hold back from participating in discussions or debates with her peers for fear of being embarrassed with her stuttering.
After our EFT session with Robin, Jane put her thoughts in writing for us to use. Here is Jane’s email to me. I will comment again after the email.
“I am a speech-language pathologist working in the Chicago Public School system. EFT was administered to a co-worker of mine to address her stuttering as well as help to improve her health, particularly her colon. Following the EFT technique, she has reported that she is not stuttering anymore and she is not avoiding talking. People that stutter often report avoiding situations or avoiding certain words due to fear of stuttering, she has reported she does not feel the need to avoid or escape speaking situations since using EFT.
Before EFT was administered, she was concerned that she was going to have to endure surgery for her colon based on her doctor's recommendation. Post EFT, her doctor reported that it is not necessary to perform surgery, as she is improving now.
I have personally used EFT as a relaxation technique, to lessen or eliminate common ailments (headaches, muscle soreness), and to release painful memories. I have found it easy and efficient, and I teach it to as many people as possible. I have been using it with some of my students during speech-language treatment, and they have reported that they feel more relaxed and happy post EFT administration.
I would highly recommend for people to learn EFT, particularly professionals working in a therapeutic atmosphere.”
Jane Masteller, MA SLP CFY”
This is me again, Gary. When we first arrived at the school, Robin started to tell us how she just switched doctors because her previous 3 doctors were insistent upon her having an operation to remove a large section of her colon.
When she said this, Jane and I looked at each other as we knew where some of the tapping was going to be headed. Jane remembered my statements in the workshops relating to colon problems. I had stated that in my 30 plus years of moderating discussion groups and leading workshops, I had innumerable times heard a connection with colon problems and the person having a strong emotional memory or problem relating to their Father or Father Figure. In the past, all I could do is to blandly suggest that they “clean it up” in their mind with their father. With EFT, I can offer them a pure blessing.
In taking Robin through the basic recipe (and Jane & I Borrowing Benefits by surrogately tapping for Robin), Robin’s first painful memory came down from an intensity level of 8 out of 10, to a 4, and stayed there awhile. Without telling us what that one was, she started to relate a memory about her Dad which brought on a great sadness, even to the point of tears for Robin.
We all tapped before she went any further, and after she brought those memories about her Dad down to a zero, Robin related some of the sad memories, but without the negative emotion. For a few of the Dad-related memories that stayed stuck, we used the Collarbone Breathing Technique, but for the most part, we stayed with the Basic Recipe, as I wanted Robin to really remember the routine for her use after we left.
She also told us that the first memory she worked on also went down from that resistant 4 to a zero out of 10, so we went on to the stuttering. After about 30 minutes more, I used my cell phone to call her office number, about 10 feet away from us. Robin didn’t notice that I was calling her, as I just excused myself to make a quick call.
Robin got up and answered the phone with "Hello, this is Miss -----". She said that was the first time in 50-some years that she could say "hello" as the first word when she answered the phone. Since then I have heard her answer the phone a number of times like that without a stutter.
In a conversation with Robin about six weeks after our meeting, she said she is very excited that she just doesn’t stutter anymore. When I asked her what her husband, a university professor, said about her not stuttering, she laughed and said “Men! He hasn’t noticed it yet.” I told her that he will probably one day notice that something is different and ask her if she changed her glasses or her hairstyle.
When I asked her about her colon problem, she said, “It’s much, much better. Actually, Tom, it’s gone.”
Nine months later, Robin asked for another session of EFT as she had to speak in front of 500 incoming freshman students AND their parents, and she was nervous about it. Later on, she reported back that her presentation was “flawless”, thanks to the EFT.
As to her colon, Robin said, “I have a surprise for you, Tom. You have been calling me every month asking me to go back to my doctor about my colon. Well, I did and they took x-rays and told me to come back again in 6 months to check again. They couldn’t believe that they could not find anything. As I’ve been telling you, Tom, the problem is gone.”
Love and Light.
Tom Masbaum
Colon #3, Arlene

In another case I had a pro bono session with Arlene who always had a colon discomfort most of her adult life. We met for a brief EFT session. Now in her 60’s, she worked on a memory when she was about 11 years old and attended her Grandfather’s funeral. Her Father slapped her for smelling the flowers and she could not smell flowers ever since. Her sense of smell worked very well on everything else, but not flowers. After the EFT session regarding that memory, the next time I saw her was at a gathering where there were a few vases of roses in the front of the room. I borrowed one of the roses and handed it to Arlene and she instinctively sniffed the rose. To her surprise and great delight she could truly enjoy the aroma of the rose, for the first time in the last 55 years. After working on the above memory and one more memory with a great deal of anger toward her father when she was 19 (a 9 or 10 on the SUDS scale), her colon discomfort went down from a constant 6 or 7 to a 1 or 2.

Since her colon discomfort had remained at a 1 or 2 level since that first EFT session, Arlene and I met again for another EFT session about 4 months later. It unfolded that she still had some residual anger toward her Dad about the age 19 memory. After working that down to a “0” her colon discomfort was completely gone. We have seen her since at quasi social settings and she keeps saying that all is well. At the last event where Linda & I chatted socially with Arlene she related that the pain is now gone, and the flowers still smell wonderful.



Subj: Arlene _____ Letter Regarding EFT

Hi Tom and Linda,

My letter regarding our EFT sessions is typed below. Thanks so much for your help.Arlene

EFT LETTER                                                                                        AUGUST 19, 2010

I took an EFT course several years ago and really tried to apply the tapping technique to problems I was encountering.  I did not get any results.

Tom Masbaum had an introductory class on EFT in the Spring of 2008 and I signed up for the class.  Many of the participants felt that they experienced different degrees of healing during this class.  Tom asked about bodily complaints and explained that if there were problems with a father or father-figure, digestive complaints could be connected to that.  Again I failed to get any results from the class.Tom made an appointment to meet with me for a private session at a McDonald's close to my home.  We went through a series of questions and tapping to determine what was the cause of the constipation and stomach cramps I had been experiencing for as long as I could remember, even in my youth.  I was a confirmed user of laxatives and other pills to promote bowel movements but could never accomplish this normal function on my own.  Tom asked me to bring up a memory of my father and I recalled that my grandfather had died when I was 11 years old.  This was the first wake I had attended.  I loved my grandfather and was very sad.  I went up to the floral arrangements to smell the beautiful flowers.  My dad flew into a rage and pulled me away from the flowers and started slapping me.  I hated flowers and the smell of flowers from that time onwards.  Tom and I worked on that and other memories and I felt the knot in my intestines loosen.  With Tom’s help I laughed at myself for smelling those lousy flowers.

The next day we went to a meeting and after the meeting, we were presented with a rose.  For the first time in all these years, the rose smelled wonderful to me and I was able to continue holding the flower and bring it home to enjoy its beauty.

I still had some memories of issues with my Dad that caused me some pain, so Tom made another appointment to help me clear up the emotions tied to these other issues, again all relating to a tempestuous relationship with my father.  We met at another Mcdonald's.  I was not having pain as severe as I experienced before our first session and Tom was able to help me overcome some more very disturbing memories and even laugh at my role in the altercations.  I felt more releasing of the tension in my intestines.

Since working with Tom, I have had no further need for laxatives or other purgatives.  The stress and tension I was holding in my intestines has left me.  I guess this tapping does work.


Colon #4, Darling (N.H.R.N)

A woman in her late 70’s worked with me in a short individual session prior to my teaching an EFT class. Although she would not tell me their names, she said she had 2 friends whose colon problems went away after an EFT session with me. She also said her friends told her of my 100% guarantee of success or no charge for a session, and thought she would try EFT. She always carried 2 brands of antacid tablets in her purse ever since she was a little girl. She walked around with a distress level of 5 or 6 all of these years. As I tried to guide her toward an uncomfortable memory regarding her father or mother (father figure, authority figure), no negative memories came up. Then she said, “I don’t know why I thought of this but I have a memory about something when I was in second grade.” Then she abruptly got up and told me that she has to go home now. After convincing her to tell me why the abrupt change of heart, she told me that her pain went to a 10 and she has to go home immediately (presumably to go to the bathroom). I spontaneously yelled out “Bingo, your body is talking to you. You probably found the memory.” Reluctantly she sat back down “Only for a minute.” I expected her to tell me about this male teacher, but she said that her 2nd grade teacher, a gentle female, caught her with a cheat sheet during a spelling test. Using a little EFT while she started to relate the story, the pain started to subside. The entire story amounts to the teacher seeing the cheat sheet in the folds of her dress and gently taking it away and walking away. Nothing further was said or done. There was very little to tap about before or after that short gentle action by the teacher (authority figure). My client’s pain went down to a 1 or 2 and stayed there for the next few minutes until I had to cut it short to teach an EFT class upstairs. She casually reminded me of my guarantee and said that since the pain did not go away 100% she would rather not pay anything for the session. I quickly agreed and suggested that she tap on her own a little more about that memory to get it down to a “0”. I also suggested to watch to see if there might be another memory like it and went to my class. 15 or 20 minutes into that class there was a gentle knock at the door. When I opened it a little to see who was there, my client was standing there with watery eyes and she said “I went to the bathroom. You’re an angel. I will send you a check.”
Colon #5, Alice (N.H.R.N)

One EFT session on the phone with Alice from California relieved her sense of urgency associated with her IBS. problem. She was on meds for the IBS yet still had very embarrassing situations with the sense of urgency and actually having to run to the restroom. She just recently had to leave a teleconference that she was leading, and actually did not make it to the lady’s room in time. She had to return home for a change of clothes and missed the rest of the teleconference. Alice had no painful memories about Dad, or Mom who might have became the Father figure and no other painful memories that followed the pattern. She did have painful memories about a relationship in which she felt controlled (authority figure) and taken advantage of. After the Suds level went down to a “0” on one memory from that relationship, and down to a “0” on a recent encounter with another male “friend” who attempted to take advantage of her, the IBS symptoms were gone, and have not returned in this 10 days. It is only a 10 days since the EFT session.

Colon #6, Sharon (N.H.R.N)
Linda and I met Sharon and her husband at a lecture series. We all 4 gravitated toward a comfortable friendship. We really like them. In conversation about EFT, I just happened to mention that colon problems are one of my specialties. It turns out that Sharon had colon cancer at that time and 9 inches of her colon had already been taken out. The medical tests showed that she still had cancer in 3 places in her body. We arranged for an EFT session shortly after our meeting.

During the EFT session Sharon could not think of any painful memories with her Father, Father Figure or male type of authority figure. The discomfort was a 4 or 5 even though she was on medications for the pain. We asked Sharon to just let her mind relax and see if any painful memory comes to mind and we proceeded to do EFT with her husband about his lower back pain that was with him for the last 6 or 7 years. Through our guidance he found a strong money related memory prior to the onset of the pain. He had loaned approximately $750,000.00 to a then friend who never paid him back. Within minutes of using EFT his 6 or 7 year back pain was gone.

About that time, Sharon says to us “Does it matter if the memory is with a male stranger when I was only 12 years old?” Once again I found myself blurting out “Bingo, you probably got it.” After using EFT on that memory, her discomfort in the moment went away. During the next few weeks Sharon did more EFT on her own. She also started a regimen of Chinese Herbal Medicine from a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Weeks later when it was time to return to the Cancer Treatment Center of America, she went and told the Center that she has decided against any more chemotherapy. They told her that she can’t stop because the last tests showed that she still has cancer in 3 places in her body. They then repeated the tests and could not find any trace of the cancer.

Sharon is one of many clients who just coincidently had a great relief of symptoms from a colon problem with only a little bit of EFT, thereby making it hard to see the possible total connection that I see with so many clients. In such cases it is hard for the client to give credit to EFT.

I love these coincidences where the symptoms of the colon problems just happen to go away after utilizing EFT. Sharon is now cancer free and in looking at her you could not tell that she was once that ill.
Colon #7, Virginia (N.H.R.N)
Virginia, approximately 45 years of age, came to a class, Introduction to EFT, at South Suburban College. Her stomach discomfort was a 5 or 6 “that’s because of what I had for dinner before I came here.” She then acknowledged that she has this type of discomfort most of the time. After some thought she recognized that it was most probably there almost all of her life. “Maybe not as strong when I was a kid.” I helped her pick 2 painful memories related to Dad to focus on while we all did EFT in the class. After doing multiple rounds of the full recipe and some shortcut rounds, she related a total surprise that the discomfort was completely gone. As she left the class she said she would definitely call if the discomfort came back. She never called.


As I mentioned above, before I found EFT, I had over a hundred memories of people attending one of my discussion groups or prayer groups who had a colon problem and painful memories or ongoing agony with a father, father figure or an authority figure. Before EFT all I could do is ask them to pray about it, go clean it up in their head about their father or go to therapy about their relationship with their father. Now with EFT, I know where to take them in memory. I now have about a hundred cases of the 3,000 plus people that I presented EFT to who have benefited from EFT with their digestion system problems. EFT works. Thank you again, Gary Craig for EFT

Tom Masbaum,
EFT Practitioner, 15457 Las Flores Lane, Oak Forest, IL 60452.
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[This came from a former addict in a beautiful greeting card with dragons on the front.]

Dear Tom,  Thanks for helping me slay my emotional dragons (PTSD). Love ya Man, Anthony.

April, 2010

In a conversation 2 years later, I asked Anthony how bad was the stomach gas that he used to have before his EFT sessions and he said "Man, it was so bad I could clear out a shelter in 15 minutes."



Samantha Laingren  --  Your EFT Experience ------>   I've had stomach issues all of my life (IBS, which in my case, is anxiety related). As of last September, my stomach pains have gotten much worse, to the point of extreme pain, extreme nausea, and inability to work. All I wanted to do was curl up in a little ball in my bed and sleep away the pain. After trying every natural resource from the health food store that my parents own, I decided it would be best to schedule an appointment with my doctor. After the numerous blood tests came back normal, and then the plethora of anti-anxiety medications didn't work, my general practitioner recommended that I see a stomach specialist. The specialist recommended a lower GI barium test, and the results showed nothing. So then he scheduled me for a gastroscopy, only to his surprise, he again found nothing. He then recommended that I try an anti-depressant, and suggested to see a psychiatrist. I hated his suggestion, b/c I knew I wasn't depressed or in need of any psychiatric help. I knew there was something wrong with me and there had to be an answer to my problems out there. I didn't know where to turn, only then asking the universe to give me the help that I needed. The next thing you know, a co-worker and very dear friend of mine suggested that I attend an EFT workshop in Homewood, IL at Insight Awareness the following week. Needless to say, I was intrigued, and I knew that this was the help I'd asked for. My husband and I attended the workshop together, and I can honestly say that afterwards, I felt so energized and full of love after I left! My husband and I stayed up talking almost all night about what an amazing technique we had discovered. And we were so grateful that we had learned about it together! This week I've been suffering from the worst stomach aches yet. So bad that the medication that elliviated the pain is now not helping at all. So, I called Tom and luckily, he fit me into his busy schedule and we had a phone session together. Tom guided me through healing my painful memories. And the results are nothing short of a miracle. Not only do I feel completely energized and fantastic about myself, my stomach does not hurt at all- it actually growled quite a bit in the middle of our session! And as I'm writing this, I can barely focus b/c I am so hungry, I am thinking about all of the things that I could make myself to eat to celebrate these amazing results! Tom is an angel that God and the universe have blessed me with. I am so thankful for Tom & his teachings b/c they have brought relief to me, and for that, I will be forever grateful. Everyone can lead a healthier, happier life if they just apply the Emotional Freedom Techniques. Thank you, Tom! Sending much love, joy & peace your way, my friend!

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