NEW! "EFT with a Guarantee" Certification

This workshop description lists what's covered and the benefits of an EFT WITH A GUARANTEE workshop.  To cover all of the elements listed below thoroughly would require three of four full days.  In this two-day workshop, everything is covered to some extent.  The important parts are covered thoroughly and the miscellaneous are covered differently in each class, depending upon the participants, number of attendees, and the particular interest of the participants involved.


A number of participants in this workshop have used the term "life changing" in their feedback forms.  You will improve your emotional & physical health as you learn how to help others.

14 hour Certification workshop to become an "EFT With A Guarantee" Practitioner

Learn basic EFT plus how to guarantee success in every EFT session for yourself & for your clients.  I love what I do as an EFT With A Guarantee practitioner and I want to share this with you.  I love the thought of you releasing emotional and/or physical issues for yourself in this workshop & being able to help others.  So, at most venues I am able to arrange payment schedules and/or discounts if that is the only thing holding you back from attending a workshop.  Discounts are available at most venues for you to repeat this "EFT With A Guarantee" certification workshop and for prior attendance at any of my 6 hour workshops.  100+ PAGES OF HANDOUTS & ORIGINAL MANUAL ON CD-ROM (Word doc & PDF File).

NEW! "EFT with a Guarantee" Certification

Learn EFT basics and also become a certified "EFT With A Guarantee" practitioner in this two day class leading to certification* for using EFT personally and professionally.  The class is for both someone new to EFT and the EFT professional practitioner. 

Stress, fears, anger, grief, anxiety, depression, trauma/ PTSD, digestive problems (acid reflux, colitis, diverticulitis, Crohn's, IBS) & back problems- All of these can be substantially lessened or even eliminated.

This 14 hour class includes what used to be called Full Level 1 EFT Certification, plus additional information is provided in this "EFT With A Guarantee " certification class so that you will be able to guarantee success in your EFT sessions.  You will also learn how many different  physical aches/symptoms can lead you to a more successful "EFT With A Guarantee " session, while also reducing or completely releasing emotional and/or physical symptoms with yourself or with your client. You will not only be an EFT Practitioner, but also an "EFT With A Guarantee" Practitioner, who is able to guarantee success in every session.  A report relating your progress with some of your clients after the workshop, showing that you know the 7 steps, is required for Certification.   A digital copy of the original 87 page EFT manual is included in this class.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a simple, gentle and very effective tapping procedure on the acupuncture spots. It's acupuncture without needles.  In over 6,000 individual EFT sessions, Tom Masbaum has offered a 100% guarantee of success or no charge.  EFT, an energy medicine modality at its finest is that effective.  In this class you will learn and practice this procedure to be able to give that same guarantee to your clients during every "EFT With A Guarantee" session.

In this workshop, you will learn for yourself or for your clients:

  • The EFT Basic Recipe and Full Basic Recipe
  • Brief history of EFT
  • Basic concepts of EFT includes all topics recommended by the founder of EFT and additional topics to help you guarantee success using EFT personally or as a therapist
  • Identifying obstacles and resistances and simple techniques for overcoming them
  • Simple yet effective ways to eliminate psychological reversal
  • The mind/body/emotion/EFT connections
  • EFT shortcuts – ways to streamline this already quick and elegant technique, including Tom's 15 second EFT application.
  • Ways to increase the effectiveness of EFT:
    • Importance of being specific and easy methods for getting specific
    • Methods for dealing with shifting aspects of an issue
    • When to be persistent and when to slow down
    • The wide range of physical and emotional issues addressed with EFT and the few areas where EFT shouldn’t be used
    • How to test progress when using EFT
    • The "movie technique"
    • The "tell the story technique"
  • Eliminating core issues
  • How to develop your own “Personal Peace Procedure”
  • How to work with bothersome memories, phobias, and addictive cravings
  • Practice and experience the incredible results of EFT with your own issue(s)
  • Why affirmations often are ineffective and how to eliminate the causes thereof  with EFT
  • How to use the EFT “gentle” techniques when emotional intensity is high
  • How to present EFT in groups – the application, uses, and advantages of group tapping including "Borrowing Benefits"
  • Using questions effectively to find core issues – getting to the root of the problem
  • How to know whether an issue has been completely collapsed and how to look for remaining aspects
  • Addressing physical issues and alleviating pain, including digestive issues, back pain, hip pains, knee pains, etc.
  • Additional tapping points
  • Methods, benefits and caveats of using EFT by telephone or SKYPE
  • Eliminate your strong negative emotions & stress
  • How to move on from painful relationships
  • See how your thoughts/emotions are affecting your body
  • How to quickly and easily release the grip of long term grief, PTSD and other strong emotional issues
  • Release the blocks to love... Feeling loved... Living love... Being Love
  • How to use six or more muscle testing methods (A. K.)
  • How to implement a quick, gentle and effective one minute energy medicine technique
  • How to utilize a lifelong, simple and effective tool to block negative energies coming from your clients or environment.

This fast paced, hands on, How To workshop has you using 
the methods you learn the very next day.

Why learn from Tom?

Tom is uniquely qualified to teach EFT to others.

  • Attended Gary Craig’s 3 day live workshop in Dallas "Using EFT for serious Illnesses."
  • Attended Dr. Mercola's 3 day live EFT workshop
  • Has offered success or no charge in over 6,000 individual sessions, mostly on the phone
  • Has presented hundreds of EFT classes to over 2000 people since 2004
  • Has taught EFT at five local colleges
  • Has produced an EFT DVD for eliminating grief now available on the Internet
  • Has produced an EFT DVD for eliminating digestive issues which is also available on the Internet
  • Has taught EFT in 16 US states and London, England (2005)
  • Has specialized helping clients eliminate the emotional causes of physical pains, allowing the body to heal (with the corresponding physical pain substantially lessen or disappearing)
  • Has formulated the seven step process for guaranteeing success in an EFT session
  • Gives you a guarantee of success for this class or a full refund with no questions asked

Comments from Tom’s Students:

  • Lots of learning and handouts for further studying. I obtained great relief for two long term issues in my life.
  • A lot of quick answers and solutions to common problems.
  • Beneficial information that can be used immediately.
  • Four of 21 students in a recent certification class used the phrase "life changing" in their feedback forms. Three of the four were LCPC & LCSW professionals.
  • I now have hope for my total healing, physical and emotional
  • After dozens of classes of this sort, this was by far the best I have ever attended.
  • See the testimonial page for hundreds of testimonials
Dr. Eric Robins, MD states “Unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses.”
A.C.I.M., A Course In Miracles, states that all healing is of the mind.

EFT is endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Bruce Lipton and many others.

Classroom hours are usually 2 full days.  A certificate of Completion is awarded for this workshop.  A report to show that you learned the application of the 7 steps to guarantee success in EFT sessions will be required for completion in order to receive your certificate of Certification as an EFT With A Guarantee practitioner.

In this classroom work to become certified as an "EFT With A Guarantee" Practitioner, you will learn How To Guarantee Success in every session for yourself or a client.  You will receive 100+ pages of handouts, Gary Craig's original manual on DVD and more.  Bring a notebook for class notes.  We will have a one hour lunch break.  Bring a lunch.

Payment plans and discounts available.  A discount is available if you have previously attended one of Tom's full day workshops.  Scholarships available for EFT Practitioners.

A single day of this workshop (6 hours) was presented to 85 people in August, 2012, at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, VA for a charge of $158 each. 

DISCLAIMER: The U.S. law does not permit us to diagnose or treat medical conditions.  Please understand that our comments are for educational purposes only.