"Three Almonds Every Day
Ye Need Never Fear Cancer!"
By Thomas P. Masbaum

In their book, “The Edgar Cayce handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy” Dr. Harold J. Reilly and Ruth Hagy Brod refer to this quote a number of times. And it worked for my Mom.

I had a personal experience with this information. My mother had a form of cancer that kept coming back on her nose and her temple. Her skin specialist would tell her it was just "pre-cancer" and not to worry about it. He would then proceed to carve out a little more from the tip of her nose and her temple. Every few months it came back in both spots and we would trek back to the doctor for more face carving. One of Mom’s sisters recommended a different Dr. in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He had a procedure of freezing part of Mom's nose & temple. So, every three months or so, off we went to Milwaukee, to have some more of Morn's face removed, these times, cryogenically. Mom and I would enjoy the day together, leaving early & getting home late, shopping and sharing two meals in Milwaukee or on the road. But the cutting out of parts of her face, with a knife or cryogenics, bothered us both. This went on for close to 2 years, as the "pre-cancer" kept coming back. Finally, I convinced my Mom to start on the almonds. She ate a handful of almonds every day and SHE NEVER HAD TO HAVE THAT TYPE OF SURGERY AGAIN DURING THE LAST FIVE YEARS OF HER LIFE.

Plain, unsalted and unroasted almonds, with the skin still on are the almonds that she ate. Supposedly, the chewed almonds and the skin mix in the stomach at just the right temperature with the stomach acids to form an amino acid chain that flows through the lymph system, pulling out all rapid growing cells. (One doctor told me that Cancer is the rapid growth of cells, gone haywire.) This is not necessarily a cure for Cancer, but a preventive measure. One health food store owner in the Spanish community advocates ten almonds a day to reverse the cancer. all I know is that it worked for my Mom.

The Edgar Cayce handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy, by Dr. Harold J. Reilly and Ruth Hagy Brod. Pages 133, 140-41, 252 & 257 Jove Publications 200 Madison Ave, New York, NY, 10016

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