This page has odd, funny and amazing information just for your pleasure.

It's amazing what you can do with plain paper. Check it Out! 

8 Amazing Orifices (Holes)!  These holes are both amazing, and really terrifying -- especially #8! Their sheer scale will remind you of just how tiny we really are!

Fall Colors at Victoria's Butchart Gardens. The beauty of nature.

Tom and Gary Craig
. Photograph of Tom Masbaum and EFT Founder Gary Craig.

Woman dancing with her dog on America's Got Talent. Under 5 minute video featuring man's best friend.

Mother Nature working. Picture of lightning and a tornado meeting.

Plumbers are people too.  Check out this photo of a plumber and car.

Ever wonder why snorkeling isn't big in Wisconsin?  Check it out.

Recipe for delicious raw chocolate fudge brownies.

Thousands of Stingrays migrating in the Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico.  

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