German Medical Device

We bought a medical device from Germany that has been around for over 20 years. It improves blood flow, delivering nutrients and removing toxins, hence better health. There are over a million of them in use in 44 other countries. It’s fairly new here in the US.  It is pricey (out of pocket costs) and we believe our health is our wealth. If it wasn’t for the price it would be in every home. If you are interested in hearing more about it please call us.

Here are some of the reasons why we bought the German medical device:

  • It substantially improves & opens blood flow in the microcirculation/capillaries. It enhances the supply of nutrients, hormones, oxygen and immune cells to and waste disposal from your entire system, and your body corrects itself.

  • Using it 8 minutes 2 x’s per day, resting on the mat, is equivalent to a 5 MILE RUN.

  • It is a medical device that is safe & effective, with no side effects.

  • It improves cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance,  concentration, mental acuity, pattern recognition, eye-hand coordination and sleep management.

  • It helps you feel more focused, powerful, rested and energized.

  • NASA & this company have a joint collaboration for putting this technology into
    astronaut spacesuits.

  • It is FDA registered (Class 1).

  • It has 24 million online citations, literature, life science journals and online books.
    See for hundreds of articles.

  • There are over a million in use in 44 countries, several Olympic competitors, international sports teams,
    every hospital in Hungary, and over 4,000 medical facilities and Dr.’s offices in Germany. 


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